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How-Tos: Finding Your Way around PACEs Connection

Meet Kahshanna Evans, Director of the CRC Accelerator, on this week's History. Culture. Trauma. Podcast. Thursday, 1 p.m. PT

“The way we show up among our peers, in our communities, and in our societies will either foster a culture of belonging or it won’t. Avoidance, apathy, gaslighting, and disconnection may have gotten us where we are now, but they won’t get us where we’re going,” says PACEs Connection’s newest staff member, Kahshanna Evans, as she begins her role in helping people who want to start or revitalize PACEs Connection communities learn how to do community development. Evans brings a passion for...

How-To: Search ACEs Connection's Website Using Google

Google search is more sophisticated than the search bar we have on so this can be a quicker and easier way to find things. To learn how to use our own native search tool follow these separate guides: How-To: Search ACEs Connection General Site How-To: Search ACEs Connection Members How to Search Within Our or Any Site Using Google Go to or the top search bar in Google Chrome Enter search term into the search box Example:...

How & Why to Add a Title Image to Your Blog Post on PACEs Connection

A title image is the photo that appears below the title and above the body of the blog post on ACEs Connection. We recommend adding a title image to any blog post you make because if your blog post gets shared on a social media website (such as Facebook or Twitter), then the title image is what will be pulled onto the post. Without a title image, Facebook and other social media sites will grab the first photo from the blog, which happens to be your profile picture. Choose where to post...

PACEs Connection How-Tos Directory

JOIN How-To: Join ACEs Connection How-To: Join ACEs Connection Groups INVITE How-To: Invite Others to Join ACEs Connection How-To: Invite Others to Join an ACEs Connection Group SIGN IN & UPDATE PROFILE How-To: Sign In to ACEs Connection How-To: Update Your Profile and Contact Info How-To: Add or Change a Profile Picture EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS How-To: Customize Your Email Notifications for ACEs Connection Main Site How-To: Customize Your Email Notifications for ACEs...

Helping Your Child Deal with A Cyberbully

As a parent, I often fear that my child is hiding something from me. The feeling is not without reason. I can feel when my child is distressed, even though he wouldn’t say a thing to me. Call it a “ mommy instinct ,” but a mother can sense when something’s not right. A while ago, I noticed that my son was extremely withdrawn. For hours on end, he would stay in his room. It disturbed me a lot. Later, through his teacher, I found out that a kid was bullying him at school. When I asked my son...

How To: Search for PACEs Connection Members by geography

The ACEs Connection Member search function allows members to see who's in a particular zip code (exact), and within 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles of that zip code. Here's how it works: 1. Click on Members in the top navigation bar. 2. Click on Advanced Member Search in right navigation bar. 3. Click on Search By Geographical Data (Postal Code and Country). 4. Select a country, type in zip code, choose search diameter (exact, or within 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles), and choose List ...

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