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How-To: Blog Post a News Story

 1.     Choose where to post content -- on the ACEs Connection main site, OR in an ACEs Connection group.

2.     Click Post, on top right of the ACEs Connection main site, OR ACEs Connection group.

3.     Click Blog Post.

4.     Type text in Title box. Ex: Title of story [with original internet source in brackets] (see image, below)

5.     Type text in Body box. Ex: First add picture- see How-To Add a Photo to Your Blogthen add 2-3 paragraph excerpt from story, formatted in italics. Then add a link to the original story. 

6.     Scroll down and click Publish.

Note: You may also wish to add a title header or attach a document (as a pdf, etc.) to the blog post. See example post and image below.

see example


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  • see example

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Hi, Laura: Thank you for the interesting stories that you post. You can post in both places, if you like. But also know that we keep an eye on members' posts, and if it's useful for a community site, such as ACEs in Education, we use a shortcut to clone it.

I have a question about posting news stories to the blogs. If I have a story that lends itself to a specific group -- say, ACEs in Education -- but I believe is also of general interest, should I post it both on the general blog AND in the specific group's blog, or should I post it one place or the other? I have noticed that when I post a story like this to the general blog that usually a community manager will pick it up and post it in the appropriate group. Are there preferences on this?

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