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CRC Fellowship

Trauma Art and its Healing Powers PLUS

A special thank you to Lorilee Binstock for her publication and re-publication of my posts. In her online journal, Authentic Insider , she share a myriad of articles on trauma and its amelioration. Well worth perusing regularly. In her May issue, linked here, she shares an article I wrote (and illustrated) on trauma art and the many ways it leads to healing. I often do art when working with groups. See:...

Growing Resilient Communities Embraces the New Year: Welcome CRC Fellows, Grow with Google Partnership Announcement & Unveiling New Interactive Tools

To prepare for the year ahead, we have a few very special announcements we’re excited to share. First, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the 700+ community champions, facilitators, managers, and advocates in our COOP and Growing Resilient Communities program for your commitment.

Healing Centered Futures through the CRC & the PACEs Movement: Announcing the CRC Fellowship, Celebrating CRC Graduates, and #GivingTuesday Campaign

Something amazing keeps happening in our CRC Accelerator program that we want to shout out from the rooftops this December. Thanks to our committed participants, the number of CRC graduates keeps increasing! The number of graduates has increased by 15x this year. As we head into a new year, w e are grateful for the unique role CRC Accelerator participants have played in expanding the PACEs movement through the willingness to explore healing-centered practices through a PACEs science lens.

New Fellowship Program Launches to Empower Graduates of the CRC Accelerator Program to Grow Resilient Communities

As the world sees an increased need for trauma-informed interventions and systems transformation, PACEs Connection proudly announces the launch of the Creating Resilient Communities (CRC) Fellowship program created to empower graduates of the CRC Accelerator program.

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