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Special Announcements

Meet Kahshanna Evans, Director of the CRC Accelerator, on this week's History. Culture. Trauma. Podcast. Thursday, 1 p.m. PT

“The way we show up among our peers, in our communities, and in our societies will either foster a culture of belonging or it won’t. Avoidance, apathy, gaslighting, and disconnection may have gotten us where we are now, but they won’t get us where we’re going,” says PACEs Connection’s newest staff member, Kahshanna Evans, as she begins her role in helping people who want to start or revitalize PACEs Connection communities learn how to do community development. Evans brings a passion for...

PACEs Connection's Collective Grief, Collective Healing Conference Nov. 1 - 3, 2022

Grief is inevitable, essential, and universal. Like many of you, we at PACEs Connection have experienced a multitude of losses through the past several years. As a team, we have experienced financial instability, we have lost family and friends, and we have mourned our pre-Covid lives. We recognize that we are not alone. In the spirit of collective healing, PACEs Connection invites you to attend the Collective Trauma, Grief & Healing Conference. This unique and interactive conference...

Emotional neglect in marriages

This is a topic I'm extremely passionate about. Those who know me, know that any form of mistreatment/harm to a human being, especially women and children, I'm deeply passionate about. Unfortunately, going by people's responses when you bring it up and even just how women are taught generally about marriage, it's a topic our Zambian society doesn't see as anything serious, yet it is a HUGE SILENT KILLER! To make it worse, even some professional and Christian counselors dismiss the reality of...

NEW! Tune in Thursday for the PACEs Connection "History. Culture. Trauma." Podcast. Episode 1: The News Media Suck at Violence Reporting. How can media also heal?

Long-time health, science and technology journalist and PACEs Connection publisher Jane Stevens joins PACEs Connection CEO Ingrid Cockhren to do a deep dive into why people aren’t getting an accurate picture about violence in their communities. In fact, the state of violence reporting boils down to this: the news media are unintentionally providing misinformation about violence. Remarkably, the basics of crime reporting haven’t changed much since the late 1890s. Essentially, it’s the...

PACEs Connection is Taking a Week of Rest

The PACEs Connection team will be taking a week of rest following the Labor Day holiday on September 6. We will be out of the office from September 7-10. We will not be checking or responding to emails or calls. We will not be publishing the Daily Digests and Weekly Roundup during this time. Although the field of positive and adverse childhood experiences has always been a stressful one in which to work, we have been feeling especially overwhelmed lately. Our capacity for feeling, both...

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