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Why we are so grateful for you, our members

  • Your work educating and engaging people in PACEs science. You’ve helped us add more than 5,200 members to the movement in 2021. We are now 55,167 strong!
  • Sharing information about why positive childhood experiences (PCEs) should be incorporated with ACEs science, which led to us change our name to PACEs Connection. It’s thrilling to see organizations integrate research about PACEs science, just as they did with ACEs science. 
  • Participating in our 150 webinars over the last 20 months, including our Education Upended, PACEs Reacts, A Better Normal, and Historical Trauma in America series. You’ve explored a variety of timely topics with us, from structural racism to self-care, from starting a PACEs initiative in your community to practicing restorative justice.
  • Growing the number of new PACEs communities in 2021 by 56—more than one a week—for a total of 440, and for the nine initiatives that have joined our Cooperative of Communities (for a total of 15, with 30 more in the process of coming on board.) It’s so rewarding to see the acceleration of this movement across the country and around the globe!
  • Advancing the PACEs movement, including the remarkable number of state laws that incorporate PACEs science, all 50 states doing their own ACE surveys, a national ACEs awareness campaign, a state campaign, a national best-selling book, and at least one state-wide project to engage all pediatricians to integrate PACEs science into their practices.

This growth and our opportunities for 2022 could not be happening without you. In our partnership with you we’ll continue to accelerate the PACEs movement, to learn more about how you are preventing and healing trauma, and incorporating positive, community-led, culturally appropriate, anti-racist, equitable experiences into your lives and work. Thank you for letting us know what is working, and for sharing your challenges, best practices, and resources. 

As you remember PACEs Connection in your year-end giving with a tax-deductible gift, we hope you’ll also share what you’re grateful for. Just make a note in the “write us a comment” section of the donation form. We’ll post gratitude comments anonymously, and celebrate our gratitude as a community. 

Jane Stevens
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