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Why we are so grateful for you, our members

Ingrid Cockhren

A Message from our CEO
Ingrid Cockhren (Chief Executive Officer)
Why we are so grateful for you, our members!

Thank you for your work educating and engaging people in PACEs science. We are now almost 60,000 members! strong!

Our staff’s work to keep PACEs science in the public eye; grow the network; support communities; provide timely resources; and connect individuals, organizations, communities and states to learn from each other – over the last 11 years – has been done by fewer than 25 people.We are a lean and scrappy team. And we appreciate your being “with us” on this mission.

We believe so much in PACEs science and our mission to help prevent and heal trauma and build healthier, more compassionate communities where all people can thrive, that we have added to our work, by expanding our Creating Resilient Communities(CRC) certification program! This free program helps anyone, from the general public, to entire organizations, learn more about leveraging science to inspire resilient community building.

We are propelling awareness and use of the life-saving and life-changing science of positive and adverse childhood experiences through many of free services and resources we are thrilled to provide. We are all about keeping the science of positive and adverse childhood experiences front and center where you can learn from it, share it, and USE it to make life better for your family and community:

  • The 12 courses taught in our free Creating Resilient Communities Accelerator certification program – our 16 hour certification program on PACEs science made free thanks to the generosity of grants, Genentech sponsorship, and partnerships.
  • More than 15 million visitors – some who have become your clients, readers, or customers, your friends or community members – have come to our website in the last six months.
  • Since the beginning of 2023, we’ve shared, in our calendars and open platform, hundreds of opportunities for you and your fellow members to learn more about PACEs science, connect with each other, and share the root cause of our nation’s most intractable challenges.
  • We continue to add to communities in our Growing Resilient Communities work. We are up to about 400 geographic-based United States and international communities, and about 40 interest-based communities. All have a free website provided and sustained by PACEs Connection.
  • As part of our Sustaining Resilient Communities program, membership in our Cooperative of Communities has expanded to include nine new county-based communities in California. More are coming on board including our first state-wide community. Charter members continue to re-enroll. Further, our offerings of conferences continue to expand, following last year’s successful Collective Grief and Healing Conference (it will be offered again!) and our Healing Centered Workplaces: The Future of Work conference in June.
  • Since 2012, we’ve helped share hundreds of webinars and conferences where our members have met subject matter experts offering best practices and peer-reviewed solutions, and have met people who have become friends, partners, clients, and customers.
  • When the COVID-19 pandemic started, PACEs Connection staff immediately pivoted to ask about and anticipate the needs of our members in a time of collective trauma, when our members needed news, information, and each other most! We’d already planned to change our name from ACEs Connection to PACEs Connection, for positive and adverse childhood experiences. Since March, 2020, we’ve convened more than 130 webinars, many of them available on our YouTube channel, bringing together leaders of resilience initiatives from throughout the country. We’ve provided you with space and time to learn and exchange best practices, discuss challenges, and support each other.
  • Our recently updated Resource Center is likely the foremost single resource for information on the science of positive and adverse childhood experiences. Built on the same type of platform used by college and community libraries, it puts literally thousands of free resources: ACEs studies, ACEs and Resilience surveys, scientific papers, videos, presentations, white papers and more at your fingertips. Resources on structural racism to self-care, from starting a PACEs initiative in your community to practicing restorative justice, from creating and supporting trauma-informed schools.
  • In 2022 we launched our History. Culture. Trauma. Podcast. It was quickly ranked one of the top new podcasts on VoiceAmerica and was featured by Amazon as part of their Black History Month 2023 collection.
  • As a member, you receive, at no charge, our newsletters, the Weekly Roundup and the Weekender.
  • We work with our partners, Pathways to Resilience, Handle with Care – including the Campaign for Trauma Informed Policy and Practice, (CTIPP) to be sure you have access to the latest information on the remarkable number of state laws that incorporate PACEs science and/or trauma-informed practice.
  • This growth and our opportunities could not be happening without you, our donors!

    We thank you for your current and future tax-deductible gifts. Your gifts help support our staff and work. We hope you will further support us by sharing, enthusiastically, our newsletters, blog posts you’ve liked, and more, to help advance awareness, acceptance of, and the practice of PACEs science to create a kinder, healthier, more compassionate world, one community at a time. 

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