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Growing Resilient Communities Blog Posts

Growing Resilient Communities Embraces the New Year: Welcome CRC Fellows, Grow with Google Partnership Announcement & Unveiling New Interactive Tools

To prepare for the year ahead, we have a few very special announcements we’re excited to share. First, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the 700+ community champions, facilitators, managers, and advocates in our COOP and Growing Resilient Communities program for your commitment.

Meet Kahshanna Evans, Director of the CRC Accelerator, on this week's History. Culture. Trauma. Podcast. Thursday, 1 p.m. PT

“The way we show up among our peers, in our communities, and in our societies will either foster a culture of belonging or it won’t. Avoidance, apathy, gaslighting, and disconnection may have gotten us where we are now, but they won’t get us where we’re going,” says PACEs Connection’s newest staff member, Kahshanna Evans, as she begins her role in helping people who want to start or revitalize PACEs Connection communities learn how to do community development. Evans brings a passion for...

Single-day mass shooting record prompts ‘History. Culture. Trauma.’ encore with ‘minister of gun violence prevention’, Rev. Deanna Hollas

Mass shootings in America marked a new milestone Saturday with seven separate events in six different states leaving 10 people dead. At a Sweet Sixteen birthday party in Dadeville, Alabama, four people between the ages of 17 - 32 were killed, and 28 more were injured. The previous one-day high for mass shootings was January 1, 2023, when there were six. As of April 18, 2023, the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) reported there have been at least 164 mass shootings in the United States leaving more...

Start Your PACEs Initiative!

The information below is a guide for local PACEs initiatives that are just starting out. We’ve gathered do's and don'ts from communities who have launched PACEs initiatives. We want your input so that we can keep improving this guide. In the comments section, please share with us things we have missed, examples of what’s working for you, and any lessons you have learned and would like to share with other members of PACEs Connection. If you would like to start a community on PACEs Connection,...

Path to a Just Society: Our new infographic shares common language and an aspirational path.

Our version of a “Path to a Just Society” is our first attempt at creating a common language and identifying points along the path to a just society. The Race and Equity workgroup of PACEs Connection started the project in early 2021, following a staff meeting where we realized that we, our organization and the movement needed this. We think it can help all of us gauge where we are, where we want to be, and what’s needed to get to the next level of integrating practices and policies based on...

Growing Resilient Communities: By Popular Demand, a How-To Series in Video

As a result of the pandemic and the national and international awakening to racial justice issues, ACEs Connection has seen an explosion of interest from members wanting to start local, organizational, and state-wide ACEs initiatives . If you’re seeking to bring healing to your communities, we can help you start new or grow existing ACEs initiatives by using our Growing Resilient Communities framework , and we’ve produced a series of videos to get you started or to provide a refresher. After...

Growing Resilient Communities — How to write an Action Plan

Attached to this post is detailed information about how to put together an action plan, sometimes known as a strategic action plan, which is different from a strategic plan. Strategic Planning: The process by which you plot out, step by step, how your initiative/organization will get to where it wants to be. Strategic Action Plan: Explains how you’re going to make your strategy a reality. It takes the purpose and goals you’ve outlined and adds the details needed to turn thoughts into...

Grow Your PACEs Initiative to Flourish and Be Sustainable!

THE FIVE BASICS OF GROWING a sustainable and flourishing city or county PACEs initiative are: Educate. ...every person and every organization about PACEs science, and how people and organizations integrate healing centered and sustainable practices in themselves, their families, their organizations, their systems, and the communities in which they live. Aggregate. ...gather data, such as the number of PACEs science presentations, the number of organizations that are becoming healing-centered...

Growing Resilient Communities debuts! Thanks to our community, it’s better than ever!

Over the last 10 years, the number of people (millions), organizations (tens of thousands), and communities (high hundreds) who embrace ACEs science can blow your mind. But to solve our most intractable problems, all 34,000 communities in the U.S. need to integrate practices based on ACEs science. The fastest way is to start and grow an ACEs initiative, and we’ve got the tools and guidelines for that in our new Growing Resilient Communities 2.1, which debuts today.

PACEs Connection's Inclusion Tool makes sure nobody's left out

We developed PACEs Connection's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Tool — called the Inclusion Tool, for short — to ensure that PACEs initiatives across the world focus on being inclusive when forming a steering committee, recruiting leaders, providing education about PACEs science, recruiting members, or providing resources and services within their communities. The more inclusive your PACEs initiative is, the more diverse it will be, giving your initiative a real shot at achieving equity...


Wisconsin — CA — Utah — For a complete listing of resolutions, go to the State ACEs Action community site .

Three Reasons to Start a Community Site on PACEs Connection

Attached find a handout about reasons to start an PACEs Connection Community site. You can print and share with community members (see attached). If you want to learn more or get started contact any of us at PACEs Connection or send an email to Grow Your Resilient Community: Start a Community Site on PACEs Connection Build the capacity of your city, town, region, state or nation to prevent and heal trauma and build resilience by establishing a community...

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