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[FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS] The Top 10 Truths Every Teacher Needs to Know About Trauma

Can we talk about childhood trauma for a sec? More specifically… How it's impacting your students' learning and behavior in the classroom? The reason I bring this up is that before the global pandemic, childhood trauma was already at epidemic-level proportions. That was before Covid... (Yeah, I know.) Since the pandemic, we can estimate that those numbers have skyrocketed. What does this mean for teachers? Well, on one hand you've got more children walking into your classroom under the...

BounceBack Wednesday’s

BounceBack Wednesday is a safe platform where our Hostess- Early Childhood Educator, Trauma Support Specialist, Emotional Intelligence Consultant, Jameelah Hanif and Special Guests provide hope to those who may be suffering in silence, by sharing their overcoming stories of the impact of Positive & Adverse Childhood Experiences. This week Special Guest is Ronald Puckett, CEO My Pure Health. Come join the discussion as Mr.Puckett will share with you why your health is your wealth. Join Us...

A Better Normal Friday, March 26, 2021: PACEs and HOPE with Dr. Christina Bethell, Dr. Baraka Floyd, & Dr. Robert Sege

Please join us for our next installment of A Better Normal, our live webinar series in which we imagine and create our society as trauma-informed! You may have seen we changed our name recently from ACEs Connection to PACEs Connection. Please join us to learn all about the groundbreaking research of Positive Childhood Experiences and how this is going to transform the work we are all doing. Read a detailed blog about the science of PACEs and the research being done by our guest speakers by...

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