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Sunday with Gopal - Resolving attachment trauma (Life Counseling)

Next Sunday the zoom conference "Sunday with Gopal" will take place (for free). More information and Zoom-link: Everyone is invited who is interested in solving actual problems and who wants to understand what lies at the heart of all our problems and suffering. You are most welcome to attend this meeting. You will see how it is possible to deal with deep and unresolved attachment trauma that lead to all the problems we have in everyday life. For more...

Is "Bad Therapy" Harming Children?

Last month, Elon Musk endorsed “Bad Therapy,” a new book written by a reporter that places blame on mental health therapists and trauma-informed care as the cause of the children’s mental health crisis. The book proposes that children’s mental health professionals are taking advantage of their clients by intentionally keeping them in a therapy loop to make money. The author also posits that the trauma-informed movement is the catalyst of the children’s mental health crisis and is...

Join the Growing Resilience - Informed on Trauma movement!

Overcoming Adversity is excited to announce the launch of the GRIT Growing Resilience - Informed on Trauma Podcast! Join me as I shine light on the challenges and successes of implementing fully trauma-informed schools. Don't miss the opportunity to lean in as I give a real-life account from my with years of experience working with kids from hard places in the education setting as an early childhood educator and school counselor. #TraumaInformedSchools can stop the education landslide. The...

Stress & Regulation: Experiential Workshop with La Maida Project

Happening next week! A special invitation to the PACEs community: Use promo code hellopaces for complimentary registration. To better understand the brain and how its innate physiology impacts our day-to-day behavior, this workshop explores bottom-up regulation, the stress response, and how humans have evolved to thrive in reliable interdependent communities. This workshop will guide participants in practicing self- regulation skills, and invite thoughtful reflection around the importance of...

A Solution to Help Prevent Trauma and Suffering

The current conversation about anxiety and depression is lacking a vital dimension: emotions education. We are now learning that many instances of anxiety and depression are actually symptoms of buried core emotions. These types of symptoms could be prevented with more education surrounding emotions and trauma.

Chronic Illness, Adverse Pre-Onset Experiences (APOEs) and A Splinter Metaphor

This splinter story is an APOE metaphor, a term I have coined as "adverse pre-onset experiences" aka APOEs. This builds on the term for our knowledge that ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) influence risk for chronic illness. This is about how chronic illness starts for many of us within weeks or months of a stressful or traumatic event. And how we think, very normally, that this particular event is the cause...

Health & Human Nature: Workshop with La Maida Project

A special invitation to the PACEs community: Use promo code hellopaces for complimentary registration. In order for us to become active participants in reframing and generating health, we must first begin with exploring the deceptively simple question, “What is health?” This session is designed to delve into the answers to this question and come to a more empowering view of health that accounts for connection to self, community, purpose, and the natural world as the essential building blocks...

A Special Invitation to the PACEs Community: 3-Part Experiential Workshop Series with La Maida Project

A special invitation to the PACEs community: Use promo code hellopaces for complimentary registration. La Maida Project (LMP) is hosting three upcoming experiential workshops aimed to create a trauma-responsive and ACEs-aware culture in all the communities and settings where you engage. LMP is working to address the mental health crisis by healing our connection to self, community, purpose, and the natural world. Our experiential education workshops emphasize the participant's felt...

Federal HHS Equity Action Plan Advances Amid New Data on Discrimination by the Health Care Workforce

There's much to follow on the current health equity radar, from advancement of the HHS’s Equity Action Plan to concerning data validating the high incidence of discrimination by the health workforce toward patients. The onset of stress and vicarious trauma for staff witnessing these events was also identified. Each of these actions will provide pause to even the most seasoned health equity warrior.

Power of Positive Experience to Improve Public Health Register now: The Montana Winter Institute Starts Monday!

(Author’s note: Photo is of Jeff Linkebach, EdD, founder of The Montana Institute , and me following a three-hour long brainstorming lunch recently at the Whole Foods in Bozeman, Montana. I’d gone to visit my two adult children in the area. Linkenbach and his family have made their home there for more than 30 years. Linkenbach and I connected several years ago via PACEs Connection as he is one of the co-founders of the HOPE (Health Outcomes from Positive Experiences) research. The Montana...

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