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Historical Trauma Series

PACEs Connection presents the "Historical Trauma in America" series

PACEs Connection's Race & Equity Workgroup is examining historical trauma in the United States of America and its impact on American society in a series of virtual discussions. This series, which began in July 2021, highlights several regions within the United States and outlines how unresolved historical trauma has impacted every aspect of American life and directly shapes the socio-political landscape of today as well as the overall well-being of Americans. The purpose of these...

Historical Trauma in the American Midwest Event Recap

On September 16, 2021, PACEs Connection hosted our second event in our Historical Trauma in America series . This event was led by Ingrid Cockhren, the director of the PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities; and Porter Jennings-McGarity, our community facilitator of the Midwest Region. It featured guest speaker Agnes Woodward who is Plains Cree from Kawacatoose First Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada. To download the slide deck from this presentation, click here. Then click "download file".

PACEs Connection’s “Historical Trauma in the American South” surprises, dismays participants

Over 250 people from around the United States participated in “Historical Trauma in the American South” on July 15, 2021, the first of six events in PACEs Connections’ Historical Trauma in America Series that examines the impact of intergenerational trauma on the health and well-being of individuals today. Historical trauma—another term for intergenerational trauma—is defined by Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart as multigenerational trauma experienced by a specific cultural group resulting...

Think you know something about historical trauma? PACEs Connection's 'Historical Trauma in America' series promises to be an eye-opener

The murder of George Floyd in May 2020 unleashed hundreds of articles, books, podcasts, film and online documentaries. It’s not that the roots of racism and inequity in historical trauma hadn’t been known about or written about previous to his death (Frederick Douglas, James Baldwin, anyone?), but the pressures of hundreds of years of injustice began a near explosive untangling from the massive twisted and angry knot they’d formed over generations. It’s been like cutting through a gargantuan...

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