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Creating Resilient Communities

New Fellowship Program Launches to Empower Graduates of the CRC Accelerator Program to Grow Resilient Communities

As the world sees an increased need for trauma-informed interventions and systems transformation, PACEs Connection proudly announces the launch of the Creating Resilient Communities (CRC) Fellowship program created to empower graduates of the CRC Accelerator program.

Healing Centered Futures through the CRC & the PACEs Movement: Announcing the CRC Fellowship, Celebrating CRC Graduates, and #GivingTuesday Campaign

Something amazing keeps happening in our CRC Accelerator program that we want to shout out from the rooftops this December. Thanks to our committed participants, the number of CRC graduates keeps increasing! The number of graduates has increased by 15x this year. As we head into a new year, w e are grateful for the unique role CRC Accelerator participants have played in expanding the PACEs movement through the willingness to explore healing-centered practices through a PACEs science lens.

Oral Health During Pregnant

There are numerous changes that occur with dental health while pregnant. These include hypermedia gravidarum, which constitutes to extreme nausea, and decrease in dental health. Dental decay is common, as the acid from vomiting causes teeth erosion. Additionally, this disorder can cause significant impairments within the esophageal lining. There have been known treatments to decrease these symptoms from occurring. They include taking the proper steps to brush, utilizing fluoride tooth paste,...

World Mental Health Day: Mobilizing the Human Family Through the CRC & the PACEs Movement

Awareness about health outcomes are as much about the long-term impact caused by adverse childhood experiences as they are by positive childhood experiences. By providing education on trauma-informed awareness and resilience building frameworks, the CRC Accelerator certification is a tool for both.

Opinion: Our economy is about to meet the childcare cliff — and it will be devastating (

According to estimates, up to 70,000 daycare facilities could close, causing three million child care slots to vanish. Credit: Camilla Forte/ The Hechinger Report by Lisa M. Hamilton September 28, 2023 (Opinion) The Hechinger Report (Lisa M. Hamilton is the president and chief executive officer of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.) Millions of working parents will face a child care emergency after pandemic-era federal funding ends Sept. 30, just two days from now. Whether you are one of the...

The CRC is Back in Full Swing this September: Learn Global, Healing Centered Solutions from our Favorite Guest Facilitators

As we head into the fall, it’s abundantly clear that whether we like it or not, we have entered a paradigm shift. There’s no way to deny that the devastating fallout from racism, the denial of human rights, and social injustice issues is at an all time high. If we could wish away economic uncertainty, fires and extreme weather caused by global warming, and an all-but-promised pandemic surge, we probably would. These reminders are at an all-too-real pique this time of year, especially for...

The 2023 Resilient Yolo Summit: Connecting, Reflecting, and Acting to Champion Change

PACEs Connection has been in the throes of a powerful collaboration about trauma-informed awareness, resilience, relationship and community building and mobilization with the Resilient Yolo team. We’re days away from the 2023 Resilient Yolo Summit , a call to action for Yoloans to connect with neighbors, reflect on experiences, and act together for a trauma-informed and resilient Yolo. Yolo County, which is said to draw its name from a Patwin Native American name Yo-loy, meaning “a place...

Leadership? Hope? Well-being? Please support a fellow PACEs Connection member, former FBI agent, and current PhD candidate, by completing a brief survey.

Longtime donor to and friend of PACEs Connection, Chris Freeze, who is also a former FBI Special Agent-in-Charge and current Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oklahoma, needs our help to complete an online survey on employee perceptions of leadership, hope, and well-being. The survey is designed to identify ways in which leaders can help improve the well-being of employee s by reducing burnout and increasing job satisfaction . According to Freeze, who is studying under Chan Hellman, PhD,...

Check Out New July Dates Added to the 2023 CRC Summer Curriculum and the Official Launch of the Dedicated CRC Community Page

July is a time to celebrate all summer has to offer by building bridges and innovating with community to get to the heart of trauma-informed awareness and resilience building. This month, we’ve added new July dates to the summer 2023 *CRC* curriculum—but that’s only half of the good news. Last year, the CRC began as a pilot program. Now that it's evolved, what better time to bring accelerator participants together in a PACEs Connection CRC community than the summer? We are proud to announce...

Forging Bonds, Breaking Barriers: The Transformative Power of Relational Equity

Beyond the now familiar tip-off that draws our attention to the dysfunction of patriarchal power structures that favor exclusion from the table of equity—rather than inclusion—maybe we should be asking ourselves what trauma-informed values the new table could be founded on through a PACEs science lens.

“Going Way Upstream” - Panelists at Resilient Pender County Conference report on current trauma prevention and healing efforts; look to future

Amy Read of Coastal Horizons introduces the panel following a viewing of "Resilience: The Biology of Stress, The Science of Hope", at the Pender Resiliency Task Force Mini Conference Thursday, June 8 ,at Heide Trask High School in Rocky Point. A "dream team" of subject-matter expert panelists (L-R) were Ryan Estes of Coastal Horizons, Ben David, district attorney for Pender and New Hanover counties, Judge J. H. Corpening, district court judge for New Hanover and Pender counties, Taylor...

Register now: The Future of Work: Envisioning a Healing-Centered Workplace June 13-15 

Could a workplace actually help prevent trauma and help people heal? If you are burned out, tired of a toxic workplace, looking to join the Great Resignation, or, if you’re an employer, if looking for ways to prevent a mass exodus and retain valued employees, you are not alone. The last three years have seen the pandemic, racial unrest, environmental traumas, increases in poverty, major policy and political shifts, and the effect these existential threats have on our stress levels. These...

REPEAT! "60+ & Successful Despite My ACEs" ...Register! FREE!

So what had happened was... :) Several of us had a really rich discussion a few weeks ago, and folks who missed it asked for another chance to join in. Here are the questions that peaked folks' interest: Do you want to secure your Soul’s full incarnation before you leave this Earth? Are you in a kind of holding pattern between what is and what could be? MORE!

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