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Childhood adversity and COVID-19 outcomes in the UK Biobank, Jamie L Hanson, Kristen O’Connor , Dorthea J Adkins, Isabella Kahhale Correspondence to Dr Jamie L Hanson, Learning, Research, & Development Center, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA; Abstract Objectives This study aims to investigate the association between childhood adversity and COVID-19-related hospitalisation and COVID-19-related mortality in the...

Early Brain Development Specialist Deb McNelis, M.Ed, Speaks Internationally; Offers Unique Guides on Loving Babies; Supports PACEs Connection Monthly

Deb McNelis, M.Ed, is an international speaker and author of materials supporting healthy infant and child brain development and the parent-child bond. She leads "The First Sixty Days" movement. Twitter first made Deb McNelis aware of PACEs Connection. When she saw it pop up on her LinkedIn feed, she followed the links and was thrilled to find a community of “almost” like-minded people. “We absolutely share the passion for preventing and healing childhood trauma; for building community,”...


By Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times , April 28, 2023 Among the most heartfelt goals and proudest achievements of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was the eradication of child labor. In 1933, in signing a textile industry code that outlawed the employment of children under 16 in sweatshops, FDR crowed that “after years of fruitless effort and discussion, this ancient atrocity went out in a day.” Conservatives and Republicans, who have tried for decades to undo such cornerstones of the New Deal...

Listen: Trauma-Informed Workplaces with Sandra L. Bloom, M.D.

What does it mean to be “trauma-informed,” and why should organizations make their workplace more trauma-informed? How can it improve a team member’s (and the organization’s!) well-being, safety, productivity, fulfillment, and growth? How do you build, implement, and sustainably maintain trauma-informed workplaces? Who is responsible for such endeavors within the organization? How do I get started?

2021-2022 Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) Impact Report

We are happy to announce that the 2021-2022 Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) Impact Report is now available for review! This report is crafted in direct response to the data shared with Zero Abuse Project from the CAST community. The report highlights enrollment metrics, major/departmental integration patterns, student demographics, program deployment pathways, and much more. This report allows Zero Abuse Project, as worldwide facilitators of the CAST curriculum, to better review major themes...

Emotional neglect in marriages

This is a topic I'm extremely passionate about. Those who know me, know that any form of mistreatment/harm to a human being, especially women and children, I'm deeply passionate about. Unfortunately, going by people's responses when you bring it up and even just how women are taught generally about marriage, it's a topic our Zambian society doesn't see as anything serious, yet it is a HUGE SILENT KILLER! To make it worse, even some professional and Christian counselors dismiss the reality of...

NEW Parenting with PACEs resources!

We know how hard Parenting with PACEs can be. We at PACEs Connection want to support you in your parenting journey, and we’re excited to share that we have lots of resources to help you. Check out our NEW Parenting with PACEs resource list , which includes: Books for Parents Handouts for Parents Resources for Children Videos, Documentaries, and Podcasts for Parents Websites, Toolkits, Classes, and Articles for Parents You can also find these Parenting with PACEs resources in our new PACEs...

Stop It Now!'s Prevention Training, Circles of Safety, is Open for Registration

Circles of Safety is a child sexual abuse prevention training series, educating and supporting youth serving professionals and organizations in creating safe and healthy environments for children to reduce sexually abusive behaviors. Stop It Now! has been a leader in sexual abuse prevention for 30 years, and as a Klingberg Family Centers Program, we are pleased to offer you this opportunity to join other child care and welfare professionals to learn how to incorporate prevention practices...

** NCTSN April 2021 Spotlight ** []

Military children are faced with many challenges, including but not limited to extended separations, deployments, frequent moves, and loss. The relationship with a parent or primary caregiver is critical to a child’s sense of self, safety, and trust. While many military children adjust well after a death, other children have ongoing difficulties that interfere with everyday life and make it difficult to recall positive memories of their loved ones. A child may have a traumatic reaction after...

The Healing Place Podcast: William T. Kenny - The Conscious Whole: Quantum Physics and Global Consciousness in Relation to Trauma

William T. Kenny was formally trained in medicine and is a practicing radiologist. He has a strong interest in physics and wrote The Conscious Whole to reflect how theories and laws of physics may interact with the present medical paradigm, which does not account for the peculiar laws of the subatomic world.

Webinar: Trauma-Informed Support via Text Message

We're excited to share this behind-the-scenes story of how the Ready4K team collaborated with First 5 Del Norte to create the country's first trauma-informed text message support program! Hear directly from Angela Glore, executive director of First 5 Del Norte, about how she and her partner organizations worked together to connect the dots between community health goals and early learning opportunities. It's a fascinating story of how this rural community set out a big, hairy, audacious goal...

Gift Responsibly, Lottery Tickets Aren't Child's Play

Lottery scratch off tickets are popular gifts for family members at Christmas. What can beat the thrill of the chance to win money? They have bright colors, have themes that make us think of fun, and can create conversation and competition among family members. Often there are young eyes watching the adults as they are thrilled to scratch off their tickets. Why does it matter? Naturally youth are curious and want to join in! There are reasons why the minimum age is 18 to buy a lottery ticket...

The Healing Place Podcast: Steve Whitney - SOMA Breathwork; Exhalation's Impact on Our Nervous System; and Rhythmic Breathing

Steve Whitney's corporate job brought him into states of stress, drinking, drugs and mood swings. After suffering a deep state of depression he found his new purpose of life on SOMA breathwork meditation hosted by influential spiritual teacher Niraj Naik. He became a certified breathwork instructor and started teaching other people how to use their breath to optimize their physical, mental and emotional health.

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