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Trauma Art and its Healing Powers PLUS


A special thank you to Lorilee Binstock for her publication and re-publication of my posts.  In her online journal, Authentic Insider, she share a myriad of articles on trauma and its amelioration. Well worth perusing regularly.

In her May issue, linked here, she shares an article I wrote (and illustrated) on trauma art and the many ways it leads to healing.   I often do art when working with groups.


PLUS:  I have a new co-authored book titled Mending Education, the third in a trilogy (triptych) published by Teachers College Press. It is releasing in Sept. 2024 but can be pre-ordered with discount code ME2024. It focuses on what we learned that is POSITIVE from the Pandemic and the application of these positives to education and beyond. The negative narrative surrounding the Pandemic (and there were negatives) masks the many many things we can name and scale to improve our world that arose out of a crisis. As we know, a crisis creates opportunity.

Here is a link to the book and I welcome sharing it with you (peruse the reviews too):

I am doing some book club events related to this new book -- and there are steep discounts for bulk sales so reach out if you are interested.  I'd welcome the opportunity to work with your group.


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