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Story & Purpose: Experiential Workshop with La Maida Project


Happening next week! A special invitation to the PACEs community: Use promo code hellopaces for complimentary registration.

To foster an understanding of purpose, it is important to have a coherent understanding of our past, present, and future, as a means to healing, resilience, and personal growth. In this workshop, we explore how the power of storytelling helps us make meaning of our lives, and connect to our larger purpose. This session will include large group discussions, break-out rooms, polls, a regulation activity, and informational content shares around La Maida Project’s key concepts.

This workshop will be held:
Wednesday March 27, 2024 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM PT, Online on Zoom.

Workshop capacity is limited. Register here!

We are inviting the PACEs community to sign up free of charge using the promo code hellopaces (case sensitive*).

Meet the Facilitator


Jon Rowe (he/him) has worked in the mental health and supportive housing nonprofit field for over ten years. His journey began with a commitment to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health concerns. Guided by principles of harm reduction, self determination, and food justice, he is passionate about expanding public access to personal and community wellness resources.

Through storytelling, skill-sharing, and community engagement, Jon brings a wealth of experience into his current role as La Maida Project's Program Manager. He holds spaces for communities to unite, share skills, and find practical solutions to life’s complex challenges.

About La Maida Project
La Maida Project is reframing how people understand mental health and well-being. Current solutions around mental health often strongly focus on changing our health through an individual lens, concentrating on modifying personal health and behaviors in isolation. However, these conventional strategies often fall short, leaving critical gaps in addressing the multifaceted nature of mental wellness. La Maida Project (LMP) is working to address these gaps by embracing an ecological lens: one that reminds us to address the root causes of disconnection and promote collective healing.

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