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Path to a Just Society: Our new infographic shares common language and an aspirational path.


Our version of a “Path to a Just Society” is our first attempt at creating a common language and identifying points along the path to a just society.

The Race and Equity workgroup of PACEs Connection started the project in early 2021, following a staff meeting where we realized that we, our organization and the movement needed this. We think it can help all of us gauge where we are, where we want to be, and what’s needed to get to the next level of integrating practices and policies based on the science of positive and adverse childhood experiences (PACEs).

Over the last few months, we discussed and refined, opened the discussion to our entire staff, and then went outside the organization for more feedback.

There are a lot of terms used in describing the world we are in and the world we want to live in: trauma-informed, healing-centered, self-healing. We took the long view of where we want to see society and what it would take to get there. We developed this tool as a starting point for many conversations and actions to accelerate the PACEs science movement to prevent and heal trauma, help individuals, families, organizations, systems and communities—our world—flourish.

We hope this is useful, not only for the leaders of our 450+ communities and for the 53,000+ members of PACEs Connection, but also for everyone in the PACEs movement. Our goal is to see every organization in every community, as well as every system, integrate PACEs science into their individual and organizational lives. If you want to see how PACEs Connection has integrated these concepts into our organization, go to

While the tool is being introduced Thursday during the second webinar in our Historical Trauma in America series, we don’t see this as the final iteration. It’s a starting point.

We know there are many terms used to describe this work and the stages of it. Many people have provided ideas, and we welcome more. We’d love to hear from you. Please post your ideas in the comments section below this story.

Over the next few months, we will continue to work on this, and then share next iterations during upcoming presentations in our Historical Trauma in America series. For now, we invite PACEs Connection community leaders to download the infographic and distribute the piece to your members for their own use in sharing the work they are doing. Thank you for partnering with us in the essential work of creating a just society,

The Path to a Just Society infographic is available in both English and Spanish.



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Marianne Avari

Dana Brown

Alison Cebulla

Karen Clemmer

Ingrid Cockhren

John Flores

Porter Jennings McGarity

Lara Kain

Gail Kennedy

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Elizabeth Prewitt

Donielle Prince

Jenna Quinn

Carey Sipp

Jane Stevens

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WOW! So love this infographic - Very clear cut and action-oriented! I especially value the wording... We need to intentionally "act on" being TI, vs "saying" we are when our words/actions may not reflect it.

Kudos to a dynamic work group!

Thanks for your hard work on this, friends.  I would have loved to have seen reference to the science of hope and the importance of hope in well-being so much published research but this is really a great graphic.

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