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Growing Resilient Communities Embraces the New Year: Welcome CRC Fellows, Grow with Google Partnership Announcement & Unveiling New Interactive Tools


To prepare for the year ahead, we have a few very special announcements we’re excited to share. First, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the 700+ community champions, facilitators, managers, and advocates in our COOP and Growing Resilient Communities program for your commitment. Through your work and dedication you continue to support PACEs initiatives and expand the PACEs movement. Thank you for a year of collaboration and camaraderie.

GRC & COOP Participants, We’d Like to Learn From Your Experience

The GRC is a part of our resilient communities ecosystem that has evolved over the last several years. Once members create a resilient community, they can grow it and ultimately sustain it. The GRC framework provides a unique bridge between both. What makes the GRC program special is the relationship building and expanded support with PACEs initiatives.

In an effort to check in with our GRC & COOP program participants and end the year on a high note by acknowledging your powerful work, we'd like to learn more about your story and your experience creating, growing, and sustaining resilient communities. We'd like to learn about the impact you're making using the GRC framework and share your stories across our networks. What inspired you to take the CRC? What worked? What did you learn as a result? Did you make a connection with others in the program? Have some a-ha moments? We want to know all about it!


Welcome CRC Fellows!

In 2024, in addition to having a new look, the GRC will welcome CRC Fellows who have recently completed the CRC Accelerator certification program. The CRC Fellowship is an opportunity to further explore trauma-informed transformation through healing centered and relationship building practices, antiracism, DEI(B), and cross sector collaboration. Fellows will join you in skill building and utilizing the Growing Resilient Communities framework to further develop new and existing PACEs initiatives.

We understand the important role tools play for heart-centered change agents. We’ve designed an interactive playbook to support members to explore the GRC Framework. We’re also putting the finishing touches on an updated handbook. You’ll see these updates about these tools in the days to come.

We’re a Grow with Google Program Partner

We have more good news. We have recently been accepted as a Grow with Google partner. After carefully considering important feedback about skill building, we learned our members are interested in learning and development to strengthen digital skills that can help them organize, mobilize, and build momentum for PACEs initiatives in their communities and organizations. A limited number of GRC program participants interested in additional digital skills will now have access to additional training, program materials, and dedicated support for additional certifications in marketing, AI, and cybersecurity through Google partners. While PACEs Connection manages the GRC program, Google partners will manage participants who sign up for additional training. As our first Grow with Google participants complete training, access to additional free certificates will become available through our program.


➤ Look out for updates on how to register for the January GRC kick off event

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About the author: Kahshanna Evans brings her passion for uniting people through stories and trauma-informed awareness to her role as the Director of Creating Resilient Communities at PACEs Connection. Kahshanna has been a leading strategic thinker in various industries, including communications, tech, professional services, and wellness.


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