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CRC Accelerator Hiatus Reminder & April “Hour of Power” to Support CRC Participants With Only One Event to Completion Learn CRC Fellowship Next Steps


As we’ve recently announced, the CRC Accelerator is taking an indefinite hiatus, but this moment of growth is anything but goodbye. Two years into this unique program, we are aware of the incredible impact access can have on PACEs initiatives and we now have a CRC Fellowship that grows with each CRC graduate. Throughout the CRC Accelerator, we’ve discussed the important role relationships play in systems transformation and resilience as a way forward from trauma-inducing to trauma-reducing.

When we circled up this month for a CRC “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) LIVE Discussion this month, we were reminded that when change occurs, the door is wide open to grow the PACEs movement. What made our time together meaningful was the connection we shared and the sense of hope and trust in the digital room as we discussed hiatus updates.

We’ve learned from passionate advocates of this important work that some of our CRC Accelerator participants only have one final CRC event they were unable to complete for their certification and, as a result, can’t begin the CRC Fellowship application process. In an effort to wrap up on a high note, we invite accelerator participants who only have one final CRC event they were unable to complete, to join the “CRC Accelerator Hour of Power” on April 3, 3:00 pm (ET).


As we’ve discussed in CRC modules such as Organizing for Resilient Communities, from framework to action, common organizing activities are relationship driven across meetings, leadership development, and base-building. A takeaway that really stands out is how essential it is to focus on scaling the PACEs movement in order to support global expansion. Thanks to the feedback of our members, we’ve also discussed how lean & scrappy nonprofits can continue to model our values as our transformation evolves. Relationships are the key.

Grow your PACEs network with intention.

Nothing can hold back our incredible network from learning, growing, and relating but we’ll share a few tips and networking best practices to spark meaningful connections.

  1. Join PACEs Connection communities to introduce yourself and your PACEs initiative.
  2. Comment directly on this article with your Linkedin profile URL, sector, why you’d like to connect with others in the PACEs movement, and maybe even a fun fact—we’ll do it, too! The idea here is to use social tools to stay connected.
  3. Share ways your PACEs initiative is making an impact in the world like CRC Accelerator graduates Monica Morehead and Heidi McCaulley did, along with their colleagues. They co-authored and published this article about PACEs science and nursing.


  1. Upon completion of your final CRC event, email this completed checklist or confirmation you have completed all CRC events to—include any/all emails you utilized when registering for various CRC events
  2. You will receive a certification and be invited to join the CRC Fellowship program (which is currently only available for those who have completed the CRC Accelerator certification program)
  3. You will be updated on your CRC Fellowship status by March 30, 2024.


  1. For accelerator participants who are unable to complete the CRC Accelerator program, a certificate of participation and toolkit can be found here.
  2. We recommend downloading the certificate of participation and the toolkit to your computer or device.
  3. For accelerator participants with only one CRC Accelerator event they were unable to take, REGISTER FOR THE CRC ACCELERATOR HOUR OF POWER taking place on Wednesday, April 3 @ 3:00 pm (ET).


Let’s embrace change by bringing tools with us that empower our role within the PACEs movement! As a reminder:

➤ Use the PACEs Connection Milestone Tracker starting point to assess your organization and particularly your community’s progress in integrating policies and practices based on PACEs science.

➤ Download your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Tool to make sure nobody’s left out.

➤ This month is also an ideal time for members to visit Children and Families Displaced by War & Violence in the PACEs Connection resource center, an evergreen well researched resource that is free and available to the general public.

➤ Additional evidence-based research is found in the PACEs Connection Resource Center.

➤ To continue building the digital skills you need, we invite you to participate in the 2024 Grow with Google Career Scholarship program—As a reminder, while PACEs Connection manages the CRC program, Google partners will manage participants who sign up for additional training through 2024.

➤ The CRC Fellowship will continue. Additional details about how the CRC Fellowship is impacted and the way forward will be discussed directly with Fellows.

➤ There’s still time to fund the CRC by pledging to sustain resilient communities through fee-based training and services at PACEs Connection. Email Ingrid Cockhren, M.Ed., at for more information.

For thought provoking inspiration, tune into the History. Culture. Trauma. Podcast.

What CRC Grads Have to Say About the Accelerator

Thank you to all who have participated in the CRC Accelerator program. Your insight, discoveries, ideas, and feedback will live on. To stay motivated, here some spring inspiration from our CRC members:

“It is a transformational journey.” —Sabriti Sanyal

I really enjoyed hearing from colleagues across the country in our discussions about their experiences and initiatives in their communities. I am inspired to belong to a group of like-minded professionals that are working hard for change. This gives me a sense of hope for moving our agenda forward. —Jennifer Liesen

“Resilience is built intentionally and the idea that "children are resilient" have left room for all types of injustices to be done without regard to the impact of children, (and adults). PACEs has given me a different perspective on my life experience and more hope.” —Sabrina Garcia

I learned about ACEs for the first time in a college class, and became immediately hooked as the research weaves together my passions for mental health and social justice. When I stumbled upon the PACES Initiative website, I was ecstatic to learn that I could continue to not only build my education on this topic, but also taking it one step further by learning how to grow resilient communities.” Cassidy Miller

“The CRC is moving an individual beyond trauma informed and gives tools for being trauma responsive.” Jodi Stuart

“I loved the CRC Accelerator Program because through a step by step process it provided a road map on the key pieces of how to build resilient communities.  The information and resources that were made available are great tools that break down the science and the art of building a robust and resilient community.” Robert B. Franklin

The classes were well laid out with lots of room for discussion and questions.  Great forum. This field is not restricted by race, social status or circumstance, moreover, trauma is what we all have in common as part of the global race.“ —Zareen Hasan

“[The CRC is] the most holistic work on PACEs, it encompasses all the knowledge that anyone would require to support and impact change in their various communities - I highly recommend it.” —Risikat Busari

April Showers Bring May Flowers. As a Part of the PACEs Movement, It’s Raining Gratitude!

PACEs Connection is grateful that you’re as passionate about trauma-informed awareness and heart-centered resilience building through a PACEs lens as we are. Our science is for everyone who wants to create, grow, and sustain resilient communities. We also know access matters. Thanks to the generosity of grants, Genentech sponsorship, and partners, the *CRC* Accelerator certification program is FREE. Pay it forward through this Click-to-Tweet link we created to make it easier to promote the CRC or share the CRC with your communities and workplaces.

Emails to the CRC Accelerator team may have a longer than expected email response time as we wrap-up this amazing program. As always, the consultant staff at PACEs Connection celebrate your passion for PACEs science. We hope to see you at the CRC "Hour of Power" on April 3 at 3:00 pm (ET).

About the author: Kahshanna Evans brings her passion for uniting people through stories and trauma-informed awareness to her role as the Director of Creating Resilient Communities at PACEs Connection. Kahshanna has been a leading strategic thinker in various industries, including communications, tech, professional services, and wellness. Stay in touch on Linkedin!

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