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COA Awareness Week 2023

Join the international awareness campaign to break the painful silence and offer hope to the vulnerable kids and teens impacted by the disease of addiction. The impact on children today is staggering. While some kids and teens can find a supportive adult who helps protect them from the worst, others may be alone and without hope that healing is even possible. We cannot afford to forget the countless children – those who are often the first hurt and last helped by this devastating disease.

Carey Sipp joins Latchkey Urchins & Friends Podcast

Latchkey Urchins & Friends Podcast starts the year off by talking about sobriety, toxic intensity, cycles of trauma and addiction, and making the choice to turn around family trauma by healing at all costs. We interview PACEs Connection's Carey Sipp about her journey to Turn Around Family Trauma. Show Notes. Carey Smith Sipp is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at PACEs Connection and a disrupter of multi-generational cycles of trauma and addiction. PACEs = Positive and Adverse...

First of its kind! A Trauma-Informed Devotional for Lent by Rev. Dr. Chris Haughee

This book is the result of my passion for uniting the insights gained from trauma-informed ministry and God's Word. I have dedicated the last decade of my ministry to better understanding the effect of traumatic experiences—especially those that happen in childhood—on human spirituality, resilience, and our capacity to hope. I believe it has made me a better minister of the gospel and a better follower of Jesus Christ. It has certainly opened up my heart and mind to a greater appreciation of...

Empathy As A Professional Superpower

All human beings are born with a capacity for empathy, but ultimately, empathy is a learned behavior —much like language. Just as language improves our communication ability, empathy improves our ability to connect emotionally with others. Empathy strengthens friendships, encourages intimacy, and makes great teams. It helps us remain accountable and support others. What is empathy, though? If you’re a trauma-informed leader who hopes to become a better team member, the answer to that...

What's the #1 thing to change to be happier? A top happiness researcher weighs in []

By Ari Shapiro, Megan Lim, and Christopher Intagliata, Illustration: guoya/Getty Images, National Public Radio, January 15, 2023 Happiness can be hard to quantify, because it can mean something different to everyone. But let's say you could change one thing in your life to become a happier person, like your income, a job, your relationships or your health. What would make the biggest difference? That's the question that Dr. Robert Waldinger has been investigating for decades as the director...

Why We Should Look Up at the Sky (The Science of Happiness podcast) []

By The Science of Happiness podcast, Greater Good Magazine, January 19, 2023 When did you last take a moment to really look up at the sky? Shifting your gaze upward can help us be more creative, it improves our capacity to focus - and it’s a gateway to awe. Episode summary: Natalie didn’t spend much time finding shapes in the clouds as a small kid. And when she got older, looking up was even worse for her. Natalie spent time in jail, where she spent most of her days indoors under harsh...

Ask the Community

Trauma and Grief

Looking for a resource for a presentation to a faith based group on grief and trauma (trauma-informed care). Perhaps a podcast? I like to use a short “hook” that grabs the audience and spurs conversation. I find that PowerPoints don’t have the same attention holding for the non professional. I have found Nadine Burke Harris’ Ted Talk really engaged folks.Read More...
HI to the PACES Connection community - we're working on a training for first responders to overdose situations and I wanted to tap into the wisdom of this amazing community to see if anyone has any specific, practical examples you'd be willing to share of trauma-informed responses by first responders (behaviors/actions, words, follow-up) to family members, bystanders/witnesses, and/or overdose survivors? Or if anyone has suggestions for other resources for training for first responders on...Read More...
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Documentary Film Festival

We, the Institute for Community and Family Resilience, would like to sponsor a documentary film festival in 2023. We would like to include Paper Tigers, Resilience,Broken Places, and Cracked Up. Has anyone done this and how did it work; i.e. the logistics. Did you on a local tv station? Did you have follow up discussion amongst professionals in the TIC community? Did you show the documentaries over successive days/weeks/months? Did you perhaps do live showings at neighborhood venues, such as...Read More...
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An Inside Look at Medications for ACE-Related Weight Gain

Brian Alman
The ACE Study shows that Adverse Childhood Experiences can cause higher chances of depression and anxiety, leading to weight gain if food is used to cope. When people seek a weight loss solution, it makes sense to examine the reason why they’ve gained weight in the first place. We’ve found over decades of research and work in the field that, when you look deep enough, it’s usually not just poor eating habits or a lack of exercise (those are symptoms!). The ACE assessment and screening...Read More...
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Jeoffry Gordon
"When the American Rescue Plan passed, proponents argued , based on a 2019 National Academies of Sciences report , that the child allowance would reduce poverty without meaningfully discouraging parental employment. Opponents, including me ( Scott Winship, director of poverty studies and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute), argued that the allowance’s short-term effects on poverty would be at least partly reversed in the long run because the allowance would lead some...Read More...
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Seeking data

Donna Chacko, M.D.
Hi friends, With short notice I am preparing to submit an abstract for a medical conference--about the teaching the secondary health benefits of faith in order to encourage healthy lifestyle. I address life-style changes, stress, burnout, prayer, and ACE's/trauma informed care. Can you suggest the best and most current evidence about ACE affects and especially about benefits of trauma-informed prevention or treatment programs? I will be requesting CME (continuing medical education) credits...Read More...
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Jeoffry Gordon
Today is our CAPTA/FVPSA Day of Action. Please activate your networks to call on Congress to reauthorize CAPTA this year. We have two resources available to support your work. To get resources put links below in your browser or copy and past e-mail template below. ACT NOW! 1. Action alert link: There is a web page that PCAA developed that allows individuals to quickly email their Members of Congress. 2: Toolkit: There is a tool kit which contains sample email language, talking points for...Read More...
We are the Institute for Trauma Informed Care at University Health in San Antonio TX. We are looking for presenters for May 2023 -Trauma Informed Care Awareness month. The sessions are all virtual. Please reach out to me if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you, Rosemary Williams Operations ManagerRead More...
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