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Environmental justice protects more than just the planet []


By Laura Gallant, 4/22/24,

Environmental justice is a key movement to increasing access to positive childhood experiences through the Environment Building Block of HOPE. This movement was created by people of color to address inequities of environmental protection in their communities.

“Whether by conscious design or institutional neglect, communities of color in urban ghettos, in rural ‘poverty pockets’, or on economically impoverished Native-American reservations face some of the worst environmental devastation in the nation [United States],” said Robert Bullard, PhD, “Father of Environmental Justice.”

Environmental justice advocates on a policy level to ensure full protection from unequal adverse effects from environmental impacts, such as climate change, and health effects created by oppressive housing and environmental policies fueled by racism. This movement also advocates for access to healthy, sustainable, and resilient environments for all people to live, play, work, learn, and grow.

On this Earth Day, we want to celebrate the connection between environmental justice and the HOPE framework, both working to build a safer and healthier environment for children, youth, and families.

Honoring our progress towards environmental justice

To honor the amazing work being done to further access to healthier and cleaner environments, we are excited to announce Congressman Steven Horsford as the winner of the Environmental Justice HOPE Award. The congressman represents the 4th District of Nevada and is Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Co-chair of the Labor Caucus, and Vice Chair of the Equal Rights Amendment Caucus.

“Throughout my career, my dedication has been to create resilient and sustainable communities that uplifts Nevada’s children and our families,” said Rep. Horsford during his acceptance speech. “The journey has been guided by a commitment to environmental justice.”

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