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Introducing the Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival & Follow-Up Discussions


Transform Trauma with ACEs Sciences Film Festival & Follow-Up Discussions
The following weekend watch parties and follow-up discussions are co-hosted by ACEs Connection, The Relentless School Nurse, and The Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy & Practice (CTIPP). We appreciated the filmmakers for making these films free to watch for our members and for the public programming of PBS. The films we’ll feature are as follows:

These films are being shared because they focus on generational, historical, racial, and secondary trauma as well as individual, community, and systems healing and change. With the pandemic and collective efforts to address racial trauma and healing, we wanted to focus on how ACEs sciences can prevent and heal ACEs and inspire trauma-informed change supporting all communities and community members.

The dates, times, and streaming processes for participation are outlined below. We will post more about each film and webinar on ACEs Connection a few weeks before they air.

1. Portraits of Professional Caregivers / This will be the film that kicks off our series.portraits

2. Whole People Part 1 is our second event in this film series.Whole People

3. Whole People Part 2 is the 3rd viewing we will host as part of this film series.Whole People

4. Wrestling Ghosts is the fourth film we'll watch and discuss in this film series. wrestling

How to Watch Streaming Films & Join Follow-Up

  1. Join ACEs Connection (if you aren’t already a member)
  2. Join the Transform Trauma with ACEs Science community on ACEs Connection
    1. Note: This is a free and private community with a moderated membership. Be sure to join this community before the watch-party weekend.
  3. Pre-register for the Zoom Film-Follow-Up Discussion (see registration links above for each event)
  4. Optional: If chatting on ACEs Connection, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, use these hashtags: #ACEsScience #TransformTrauma

Please reach out with any questions to: Cissy White:

Co-Sponsors of the Transform Trauma with ACEs Science Film Festival

ACEs ConnectionAC logo
is the human and digital catalyst that unites the people, organizations, systems and communities in the worldwide ACEs movement. We are its main information exchange and resource. And we are a support for hundreds of local, state and national ACEs initiatives to accelerate the use of ACEs science to solve our most intractable problems. We provide initiatives with a free community site on ACEs Connection, guidelines on how to launch and grow local ACEs initiatives, and powerful online tools that help initiatives measure their progress. For established initiatives, we offer access to more advanced tools, guidelines and services in the ACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities. Our network has 45,000+ members who share best practices while inspiring each other to grow the ACEs movement. We also publish a separate news site,, for the general public. The goals of our work are to prevent ACEs, heal trauma, and create resilience.

Robin Cogan is a school nurse, blogger and activist. Robin’s blog, The Relentless School Nurse, Relentlesswas created to amplify school nursing. She tells stories from her health office in Camden, New Jersey and highlights the work of colleagues across the country. Robin is dedicated to gun violence prevention and sharing the importance of trauma-responsive education in school communities. She also teaches the next generation of school nurses at Rutgers University and grounds her curriculum in “A Pair of ACEs” - both individual and community adversity.

The Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy & Practice (CTIPP) CTIPPhas launched a nationwide grassroots campaign to engage congressional offices and other federal leaders in supporting policies, programs, legislation, and appropriations that prevent and respond to trauma as well as build resilience. Visit CTIPP’s National Trauma Campaign webpage ( to learn more, to access trauma-informed advocacy toolkits and resources, to sign up for Campaign updates, and/or to join in this exciting movement yourself! (Questions? Reach out to

Thank You to Vic Compher, Rodney Whittenberg, Ana Joanes & PBS
This film series would not be possible without the generosity of filmmakers Vic Compher & Rodney Whittenberg of Portraits of Professional Caregivers, Ana Joanes of Wrestling Ghosts, and the public programming of Whole People by PBS. We are grateful to all of them for making this film festival free and available to all of our members.


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