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Mental Health Is Political

“Mental Health Is Political,” a guest essay by Professor Danielle Carr in the New York Times (9.20.2022), asks “What if the cure for our current mental health crisis is not more mental health care?” She argues that what has been called an “’epidemic’ of mental illness” medicalizes what is primarily a social and political problem – that is it makes it a medical problem to be dealt with through treatment rather than a larger social problem to be addressed through changes in social policy and...

Blue Collar Consulting Newsletter

Hello All! Happy to share the latest Blue Collar Consulting newsletter with you, hope you find some helpful nuggets to keep you powering through. If interested in chatting further, let's find a time to connect! Take Care, Friends NEWSLETTER LINK

We are looking for transformational leaders to join our BIGNEXT Community.

Exploring Your BIG NEXT Journey is an 8-week Workshop curated by Dr. Jeff Linkenbach for leaders looking to reconnect to their deeper calling. As leaders in a rapidly changing work environment, you may feel overwhelmed or disconnected from other people, your teams, or your organization. This feeling of disconnection to self and others is at the root of the malaise and it takes a toll on our mental health and the spirit of our organizations . The BIG NEXT journey recognizes our deep need for...

Rising tide of censorship and scrutiny has schools scrambling to avoid backlash []

By Patrick Wall, Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images, Chalkbeat, September 23, 2022 The culture war engulfing schools has subjected educators like Richard Clifton to unfamiliar scrutiny — including, in his case, a public records request. In Savannah, Georgia, where Clifton is a longtime English teacher, a group of conservative activists earlier this year began calling for the school board to “purge” books with sexual content from school libraries. After Clifton took a personal...

‘A living, breathing building’: the rise of resilience centers amid extreme heat in the US []

By Gabriela Aoun, Photo: Gabriela Aoun/The Guardian, The Guardian, September 23, 2022 O n the Saturday before Labor Day, in the east Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights, temperatures outside climbed to 105F (41C). It was the fourth day of California’s longest September heatwave on record. That afternoon, the entire state was under a “flex alert”, in which Californians were asked to turn down their air conditioners and unplug appliances to avoid putting so much demand on the power grid...

Funds From Oregon’s Voter-Approved Drug Decriminalization Law Are Now Available For Counties To Support Treatment And Other Services []

By Lynne Terry, Oregon Capital Chronicle, Marijuana Moment, September 22, 2022 A year behind schedule, Oregon’s novel approach to drug addiction has reached primetime. In November 2020, voters overwhelmingly approved Measure 110, making Oregon the first state nationwide to decriminalize the possession of small quantities of drugs and establish service centers to help people tackle their mental health and addiction problems. The centers were supposed to be operational by October 2021. This...

How to Use Ritualization as an Accountability Tool When Practicing TIC

When we discuss implementing trauma-informed change, the conversation largely surrounds how we live trauma-informed values. How does our behavior reflect our values? What about our lifestyle choices, how we engage in relationships, or our attitude toward life’s challenges? When we reflect, we recognize that there are many ways we live trauma-informed values, but there are also many areas where we can improve. So, once we’ve identified the areas we’d like to change, the question becomes, how...

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Free Virtual Advanced Training on Secondary Traumatic Stress

Greetings everyone! The University of Kentucky Center on Trauma and Children is hosting a free training entitled “Staying Inside the Window of Tolerance: An Advanced Training on Secondary Traumatic Stress and Resiliency”. You can view the attached flyer or navigate to to view more information or to register. This training is free to the public, so feel free to share with your colleagues who may be interested. When: Thursday, October 13th, 2022 from 2:00pm...Read More...
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New Member - NYC

Brittny Ellington
Very excited to join this community! I'm launching a nonprofit in my community (Brooklyn, NYC) and this community is so inspiring! Would love to connect with other members on this platform, especially in the NYC area. Starting a nonprofit is no easy task so I am here to expand my network and add value wherever I can. :-)Read More...
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Adverse Childhood Experiences and Overdose: Lessons from Overdose Data to Action, Wisdom et al. “Results from a new study highlight opportunities to expand the breadth of adverse childhood experience (ACE) prevention strategies, including implementing cross-cutting overdose and adverse childhood experience‒related activities that span the social‒ecologic model, which are critical for population-level change and have the potential for the broadest impact.” — official SBIRT newsletter...Read More...

Donations for Flood Victims in Pakistan!!!

Sajjad Ahmed
Dear Friends, I would like to appeal on the World Charity Day September, 5 2022 to help and support the Flood Victims in Pakistan. Floods have devastated many parts of the country. Your small donations may save the countless lives.Read More...

Finding a work environment in Trauma Informed Care

Hi, I am a trained learning specialist with a degree in Psychology, and three Masters degrees : Teaching, Learning Disabilities, and Emotional/Behavioral Disorders or Social/Emotional Learning. I have been trained in TIC methods. After workin in the elementary school, high school, community college, and University setting, I also became a patient advocate. I sit on three patient/family advisory councils at three different hospitals in two states. I’m looking into getting back into the...Read More...
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