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Reminder The virtual Congressional Briefing the Community Mental Wellness and Resilience Act is this Thursday, Sept 21, from 12 noon to 1:30 pm ET (9-10:30 am PT)

Over 1,300 people have registered for Thursday's briefing! They include federal, state, and local elected officials and staff, as well as people from the civic, non-profit, and private sectors from numerous fields from almost every state in the US. Please register for the Zoom meeting here .

What Does Antiracist Community Development Look Like in Practice? []

By Amy Gillman and Dominique Miller, Illustration: from article, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, September 13, 2023 We all want to thrive in the places we live, and to have a say in the decisions affecting our communities. Yet, across the United States, too often those making planning and investment decisions are leaving residents out of decisions about priorities and solutions, especially in communities of color and communities with low incomes. The community development sector, which does...

Why doesn’t the U.S. have more Black midwives? []

By Annalisa Merelli, Photo: Hannah McKay/Pool/AFP via Getty Images, STAT, September 18, 2023 I n the wake of growing alarm over the disproportionately high rates of maternal mortality in the U.S., maternal health experts have been pushing for changes — including expanding the midwife workforce. Studies have shown that deliveries attended by midwives tend to have fewer complications and better outcomes, partially because midwife training relies less on medical intervention, leading to fewer...

'You're Not Alone': How one suicide survivor spreads the message that help is out there []

Fonda Bryant launched an initiative to put up signs with the suicide hotline throughout North Carolina's parking garages. Fonda Bryant and Paul Williams By Cybele Mayes-Osterman, USA TODAY, September 16, 2023 When Fonda Bryant called her aunt to ask if she wanted her shoes, her aunt knew something wasn't right. "She said, 'Are you gonna kill yourself?'" Bryant remembers. "And I said, 'Yes.' And she went into action, like a superhero. And she saved my life." Unknown to herself or her family,...

‘The rule has sticks as well’: Biden’s getting tough with health insurers []

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on expanding access to mental health care in the East Room at the White House on July 25, 2023. | Win McNamee/Getty Images By Ben Leonard, POLITICO, September 17, 2023 The Biden administration is going after health insurers for flouting a federal law requiring them to provide mental health care on the same terms as other care. The administration has proposed new rules it says will make the insurers comply and it’s threatening big fines if they don’t.

Which cities will still be livable in a world altered by climate change? []

Cleveland, Ohio is no stranger to harsh winters, but the city faces little risk from drought, wildfires, and hurricanes—natural disasters expected to worsen as the planet warms. PHOTO BY ANGELO MERENDINO, CORBIS/GETTY IMAGES By Stephen Starr, National Geographic, September 18, 2023 Before September 2017, Dianiz Roman and Wilfredo Gonzalez had never given a moment’s thought to leaving Aguadilla, the couple’s hometown in western Puerto Rico. But after Hurricane Maria struck that month,...

New Transforming Trauma Episode 113: Health And Trust In Organismic Self-Regulation - NARM Webinar Special Event

Why is it that when met with a client, family member, or child who cannot access tools to self-regulate, practitioners often feel compelled to exert more effort rather than allow awareness and agency to guide the process? Welcome to a special episode of Transforming Trauma featuring NARM creator Dr. Laurence Heller and NARM Senior Trainer Brad Kammer. This episode provides a glimpse into the NARM Inner Circle online program and invites clinicians, therapists, and helping professionals to...

Ask the Community

Last Call for this year's Trauma Responsive Mind Body Wellness "Somatic Healing Teacher Training! Learn the tools and trauma informed practices for embodied self-regulation. Course starts this Thursday night and we have two half off scholarships available and offer generous 6 month payment plans. If this offer isn't within your financial means, we are happy to discuss your situation and ask our board if we can allow a larger scholarship, in some cases we have given up to 80 % off. Apply...Read More...
Hello everyone, we have two partial scholarships available for our upcoming September Trauma Responsive Mind Body Wellness Training Program and Certification. Do you want to experience Deep calm Decreased pain Improved mood Deeper sleep Lower blood pressure R educed anxiety Stronger vagal tone More Energy If you are a coach, wellness practitioner, therapist, yoga teacher, social worker nurse or other helping professional we invite you to expand your ability to support yourself and others.Read More...
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How to start a nonprofit?

Erica Gaimari
I have a vision for starting an holistic mental health and trauma recovery nonprofit that utilizes evidence-based strategies that may be considered “complementary and alternative” treatments for recovery from ACEs, PTSD, CPTSD, and mental illnesses. How would I go about building the foundation to make this a reality? Where can I find funding for such an initiative?Read More...
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Teachers' Knowledge of Trauma Research

My name is Jennifer Bilbrey, and I am a doctoral student at East Tennessee State University. I am working on attaining a doctoral degree in Early Childhood Education. In order to finish my studies, I need to complete a research project. The title of my research study is “The Design and Validation of a Test for Teachers: Measuring Knowledge of Trauma.” The purpose of this study is to develop and validate a test that measures teachers’ knowledge of trauma. I hope the test can help guide...Read More...
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Program on Ace and informed trauma in Brazil

Diones Simon
My name is Diones Simon, I went through the 10 Aces in childhood and I had a very difficult life until I had access to study, received help from many people and could have access to Ace Overcomers. I'm starting a program in Brazil, but I'm having trouble raising funds with companies and sponsors, I'd like some ideas to raise funds and get started. My cost per booklet is U$1.5, I will train early childhood teachers and educators. I apologize for the grammatical errors, but I don't speak...Read More...

Seeking Support to Guide Our Trauma-Informed MTSS Implementation

Jen coker
On behalf of my school district in Metro Atlanta, we are actively seeking the support of a dynamic speaker or organization to inspire and guide us in transitioning from our 'why' to our 'how/what' phase as we implement trauma-informed practices within our Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) process. We recognize the importance of expert insight in facilitating systematic changes within our MTSS framework. The primary audience for this speaking engagement will be social workers, school...Read More...
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