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Firearm Injury Prevention Free Course

The BulletPoints Project has launched its free, on-demand continuing education cours e, “ Preventing Firearm Injury: What Clinicians Can Do .” The Preventing Firearm Injury continuing education course teac hes medical and mental health care providers how to identify patients who are at increased risk for firearm injury, to engage in conversations about firearm injury prevention with patients, and to intervene appropriately for the level and type of risk. The course focuses on several...

Paradigm Shifts to Change Toxic Workplaces: How Shifting Perspectives Impacts Company Culture

There is a common trend where organizations acknowledge that we need change. They see the value in DEI work, and they genuinely want to embody social justice in their work. But nothing changes. If leaders value change and are ready to create change in their organizations, why are they still struggling to achieve equitable treatment, anti-racist working environments, and safety at work? One reason for this barrier is that while leaders are ready to create change at work , they skip over an...

2023 HOPE Summit Announcements []

By The HOPE Team, 8/18/22 The next HOPE Summit will take place on March 29th and March 30th, 2023 featuring our Keynote speaker, Dr. Dolores Acevedo Garcia , Samuel F. and Rose B. Gingold Professor of Human Development and Social Policy and Director at the Institute for Child, Youth, and Family Policy at Brandeis University. Our theme will be Practicing HOPE and will include three workshop sessions over the two days, sharing how different sectors can implement the HOPE framework and what...

New Transforming Trauma Episode: Lostness, Trauma and Stories of Transformation with Bayo Akomolafe

In this episode of Transforming Trauma, our host Emily is joined by Bayo Akomolafe, Ph.D. Trained in clinical psychology, Bayo now works as an author, speaker, and professor. He is recognized worldwide for his thoughtful and unconventional take on global crises, trauma and social change. Throughout their conversation, Bayo shares about his journey and reflections on trauma. Bayo starts off by sharing a proverb from his Yoruba people: “In order to find your way, you must become lost”. This...

Upcoming event: Rx Healing Circle!

Welcome to Rx Virtual Healing Circle s! This session serves as an opportunity for building the beloved community and fostering healing through a shared humanity perspective. We invite you to join us in sharing a connective space for people to offer compassion and experience unity. Join us Wednesday, August 31, 2022 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Please register here:

Ask the Community

business case to support for vicarious trauma prevention and TIC

We are building the case for investment in trauma-informed care and vicarious/secondary trauma prevention/intervention at our healthcare institution. Have any of you estimated the cost to your healthcare institution of NOT addressing this issue? 1. Trauma Informed Care: I understand there is much literature about ACEs and ACEs association with suicidality, adult un/underemployment, academic challenges, homelessness, poor health, premature death, etc. And we are all aware that our patient...Read More...
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Domestic violence; do perpetrators have trauma/PTSD?

I had a discussion with a coworker, a fellow LMSW in a FQHC we work for. I said I suspect most perpetrators of DV have PTSD. She had been to a training, that I also attended before I knew her, that villainized domestic abusers. I wrote to the speaker after and told him that I didn't think his talk was trauma informed. I think perpetrators have a disorder that required a degree of isolation from those they would abuse, but don't think shame is constructive. So here's my request. Does anyone...Read More...
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seeking potential trauma expert for homicide case

Melanie G Snyder
Hi to the PACES community - Can anyone recommend a childhood trauma expert who could serve as a potential consultant and/or provide expert testimony for defense counsel in a homicide case? Please PM me at with any recommendations. Thank you.Read More...
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Help With Study on How Professionals Find and Select CEU Training Courses

Hello, My name is Max Taylor. I am a mental health operations consultant with Neuroclastic, a peer-led mental health advocacy and peer support nonprofit. I'm currently conducting a study looking at how mental health service providers shop for the continuing education modules (CEUs, etc.) needed to fulfill their licensing requirements. I am looking for service providers or organization directors interested in participating in one-on-one 20 minute informational interviews about this topic . Am...Read More...

Looking for speakers: Submit RFP by 8-5-22

The Inclusive Diabetes Care program is hosting a mini-conference on Sept 26 from 12-5 pm EDT. We are looking for RFP for the following topic: Becoming A Mother: Fostering resilience and restorative healing for all women What emerges when a woman transitions from being an individual to a mother? This presentation will explore what women gain, lose and face when they become mothers and how this can have unintended consequences on overall diabetes care. The RFP is looking for TIC professional...Read More...
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Screening Questions for Insidious Trauma

Hi. Does anyone know of a trauma screening tool, for children, adolescents, or/and adults, that has questions to screen for insidious trauma; or have questions they are using? Insidious Trauma refers to the daily incidents of marginalization, objectification, dehumanization, intimidation, et cetera that are experienced by members of groups targeted by racism, heterosexism, ageism, ableism, sexism, and other forms of oppression, and groups impacted by poverty. More...
What are you top tips to building your for profit business while supporting PACES initiatives? I want to revamp my business to support a bigger cause that I believe deeply in. I would love to hear from any entrepreneurs/organizations that are excited about the progress they have made, and especially from those that: 1) Have come from a first hand experience of healing from adverse childhood experiences 2) Are able to prioritize a balanced healthy sustainable lifestyle (keep any martyring...Read More...
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