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Renée Wilson-Simmons—founder of Healing Trauma, Reclaiming Joy—counts on PACEs Connection to be 'a catalyst for cultivating the PACEs movement.'

Renée Wilson-Simmons discusses the book "The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-term Effects of Childhood Trauma and Adversity" with author Dr. Nadine Burke Harris at the Columbia University, New York City, NY, Mailman School of Public Health in 2018. Note: PACEs Connection is in dire financial straits. We need you, our almost 58,000 members, to help cover the loss of foundation funding that was promised and did not come through . Unfortunately, staff pay and hours have had to be cut; most of us...

PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities Presents: The Intersection of Faith, Healing, and PACES Science

PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities is proud to present the “Intersection of Faith, Healing, and PACEs Science” webinar January 19, 2023, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM CST ! This webinar will explore how the application of PACEs science can invoke healing and mitigate harm in faith-based communities. This is a free event, but donations for participation are being accepted. Mathew Portell, PACEs Connection director of communities, will lead a panel of experts to discuss how traditional...

Complete Guide to Trauma-Informed Values

In the trauma-informed care space, we often reference trauma-informed values. While we can refer to values within the TIC space broadly, there are specific models that we teach our clients, including SAMSHA’s 6 Guiding Principles and the Sanctuary 7 Commitments. The values outlined in these guides provide structure for organizations new to trauma-informed care, and they’re an essential piece of the work for any trauma-informed leader. So, we’re going to explore these values in-depth today.

'America's Culture of Child Abuse Part 1'—Encore episode of 'History. Culture. Trauma. podcast Thursday

America's culture of child abuse and neglect negatively impacts every aspect of American life. During April 2022, co-hosts Ingrid Cockhren and Mathew Portell examined America's history of child abuse and neglect and outlined how this history connects to our current child abuse crisis. Please join our hosts for an encore of part one of this series. This episode is dedicated to illuminating the systemic nature of child abuse and neglect in America. Cockhren and Portell discussed the different...


Here are some of today’s requests to be put on the waiting list for our parenting norms bumper stickers. There are now almost nine hundred schools and organizations on the waiting list and no hope of ever printing and shipping them. When you realize that just one bumper sticker would be read thousands of times it becomes apparent that this is a colossal and tragic lost opportunity to prevent the aces associated with unsupportive and harmful parenting. Visit Ideas...

Ask the Community

Warm-up Exercise for Presentation

Does anyone have an exercise that they use before delving into a presentation on TIC to help folks prepare for the personal impact the information may have on them? And the audience size might be 10 or 50 and they may be mentors for youth, they may be non-profit Board members, they may be staff of an emergency shelter care facility. They might even be adolescents. Thank you for any/all suggestions.Read More...
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Trauma Informed Customer Service training resources

Melanie G Snyder
We're looking for training curricula or knowledgeable trainers on the topic of Trauma Informed Customer Service. We're working with several different types of organizations in our community for whom this is an identified training need, including city government staff for their interactions with residents, and social services call center/intake staff who are first points of contact for folks in crisis. We have already done foundational training for staff in these organizations on trauma,...Read More...
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ACEs Questionnaire

I gave a presentation on Trauma and Toxic Stress yesterday to a University Class. I gave out the ACEs questionnaire (including the extended version) as I have done many times with many adult audiences. For the very first time, I had someone say to me..."I am adopted and am unable to answer some of these questions." This was truly an aha moment for me, especially given that I am an adopted parent (!) And had never considered an adoption as an impediment to being able to answer the questions.Read More...
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Young People and ACEs Education

We all know how very important it is for adults to understand ACEs and then of course, use interventions to build resilience and perhaps prevent ACEs. Are there any presentations/slide shows/videos, etc. that are particularly aimed at helping young people (12 and older) understand ACEs? It is so vital for kids to understand the effects of trauma on their behavior, certainly not as an excuse for but an explanation. Paper Tigers is a great documentary for older teens, but may be too long for...Read More...
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