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San Mateo County ACEs Connection is a community for all who are invested in creating a trauma-informed and resilient San Mateo County. This is a space to share resources, information, successes, and challenges related to addressing trauma and building resiliency, particularly in young children and their families.
Santa Cruz ACEs Connection is a space for community members striving to promote healing and create a more trauma-aware Santa Cruz, to collaborate on strategies to prevent and reduce the number of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in this community.
A connected community for strong, safe families. Our goal is to strengthen families and reduce Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) by increasing protective factors, coordinating service systems and engaging the community.
We are committed to building a resilient community. We invite you to join us!
Bringing together professionals, community members, and advocates who share a passion to reduce trauma and build resiliency in Siskiyou County. Share information, exchange ideas and host dialogue that lead to practical and community centered solutions.
We bring the community together to nurture Positive Childhood Experiences, prevent, heal, and treat ACEs while promoting resiliency.
Led by the Children's Trust of South Carolina, the South Carolina Adverse Childhood Experiences Initiative empowers communities to help build resilience and works to prevent poor health outcomes and improve well-being.
We educate our community about ACEs, resilience and trauma-informed approaches, and invite others to join us to increase our success in improving our communities.
South Coast Together is a community collaborative focused on fostering resilience in Coos and Curry counties, we engage community members as agents of change in preventing the accumulation of Adverse Childhood Experiences and to build resilience in children, adolescents, and families; guided by a community capacity building approach, the Self-Healing Community model.
Our goal is to begin a dialogue around the topic of trauma and resiliency and create a shared language and understanding of effective responses to trauma. Together we can create a united, yet community-customized approach to the integration of trauma informed care in communities all across South Dakota.
We are the South Jersey ACE Initiative and we are in relentless pursuit of educating people about ACEs. Our mission is to get schools, organizations and communities to be trauma-informed and to have relentless pursuit of adding value to all of our communities.
As part of the South Mississippi Youth Connection Initiative, we strive to connect our youth to resources in a timely manner following traumatic or stressful situations or occurrences.
We are the Southcentral Alliance for Family Resilience, and we are focused on educating the central Kenai Peninsula communities on PACEs, with an extra emphasis on resilience and protective factors. We are working toward a more trauma-informed, resilient community by leading the effort to integrate trauma-informed + resiliency training(s), support, and resources to all.
South East San Diego is a diverse community that has experienced a history of trauma. Members are working towards creating a thriving and Self-Healing Community.
Where individuals and initiatives gather to meet, brainstorm, and collaborate about using ACEs Science inclusively to create trauma-informed families, communities, systems, and change with and for all.
This group is dedicated to actualizing a Southern Kenai Peninsula, Alaskan community that cultivates healthy relationships and resilient families free of violence and substance abuse.
SSTICN brings together a multi-agency and multi-disciplinary group of organizations and individuals working together to collaborate to create a more trauma-informed and resilient Southside region. The mission of the SSTICN is to promote and to enhance individual and community resilience.
We are committed to building a resilient community. We invite you to join us!
The State PACEs Action is the go-to location for ACEs activities in U.S. states.
Focusing on building community and individual resiliency by raising awareness of ACES and its public health implications, and developing strategies to increase resilience by engaging all of the county's community partners.
Strategies 2.0 Sierra Region ACES Connection provides a forum for representatives from programs and services throughout the Sierra Nevada Region to learn and share strategies for enhancing child and family well-being.
Together we work to prevent sources of stress experienced by many families with limited resources. Have you considered the cost of purchasing diapers? Families with limited resources often have difficulty accessing diapers which can have a cascading negative effect on the baby, family, and the health system. Together we raise awareness and begin to prevent the root cause of preventable adversity.
Using knowledge and education regarding ACES, trauma and resiliency informed practices to build upon our communities' members' current resilience base in order to ensure a resilient future for the county's establishments, economy, and people.
Working together in Tacoma and Pierce County to improve the well-being of residents by focusing on empowerment and equity, the prevention of ACEs, and the building of resilience. We hope to inform and connect individuals and communities working to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments.
If you're doing ACEs histories, please do a short blog post or contact one of the community managers so that we can do so for you.
We are committed to building a resilient community. We invite you to join us!
An online platform to foster communication and collaboration across communities and sectors in Texas with the goal of promoting ideas, policies and practices that reduce and prevent childhood adversity, build resilience in individuals and families, and help those affected by trauma to heal and thrive.
Support the advancement of children's basic human right to be free from all forms of violence in schools and the home (including corporal punishment, spanking, or other forms of violence).
Increasing our county’s awareness and knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) while building resiliency and fostering hope in order to offset the cycle of trauma.
An ITRC Project. We build human resilience in the face of the encroaching individual, family and community stresses of climate change.
We are a trauma-informed collaborative striving to create safe and stable environments through nurturing relationships to cultivate resilience by raising awareness of adversity, stress, and trauma, working across sectors to provide the tools, skills, resources, and support for community members to build positive childhood experiences and create a community where all can thrive.
The EPIC Project uses the ACE survey to identify parents of newborns through age 3 who have a high ACE score. Once identified, through community collaboration in-home services will be implemented to mitigate risk for the child/ren & build resiliency for the whole family.
A group of committed individuals working collectively towards a community that embraces: Healing; Hope; Empathy; Empowerment; Engagement; Awareness; Action; Resilience; Relationships; Trauma-Informed; Transformation.
The Ocean State Trauma Informed Community Coalition (OSTICC) is a collaborative group of public and private community stakeholders coming together to provide the vision, organization, training, and leadership needed to actively promote an understanding of trauma informed approaches and how to implement them across service systems and in public/private settings throughout the State of Rhode Island.
Welcome! This group is for anyone who identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ Community or who supports the community.
Films have been instrumental in helping us understand individual, generational, and historical trauma - and healing. Documentaries can inspire and inform public policy and system-level change as well and that is why ACEs Connection, CTIPP, and the Relentless School Nurse have come together to stream documentaries from this community site , quarterly, starting in September of 2020.
Community members, advocates, and professionals who share the goals to reduce trauma and build resilience in Alaska share information and exchange ideas related to adversity, trauma and resilience that lead to practical and community-centered solutions. By trauma, we are referring to childhood and developmental trauma, intergenerational trauma, and historic and ongoing systemic trauma.
A safe place for all to be seen and heard. To connect, to reach out and find. To become trauma-informed. To gain strength and courage through solidarity.
We develop awareness of trauma and empower pathways to resiliency. We will build a trauma-informed Montcalm County, MI by the year 2021. We will view trauma in the same manner across all sectors — including schools, law enforcement, manufacturing, big and small businesses and the faith-based community.
The Trauma Informed Work Group in Barry County is helping the community build a Trauma Responsive Community. The work group is a collaborative of community organizations in a rural, and often underserved area of Michigan.
Trauma Informed Hampshire County is a newly formed group of individuals and organizations across multiple sectors all committed to educating, promoting policy changes and providing the necessary resources to the people of Hampshire County towards building resilient and trauma-informed communities.
We are a multidisciplinary group of health professionals working to advance trauma-informed care across the continuum of practice through ground-breaking, transformative interprofessional education and research. We envision all health care professionals and health care systems being trauma-informed.
Trauma Informed Washington Heights/Inwood aims to build a community of service providers and stakeholders dedicated to spreading information about ACEs and Resilience, developing a support network for service providers, and cultivating holistic healing for those impacted by trauma and vicarious trauma.
The Trauma-informed Design Society is a transdisciplinary team with a focus on turning research into practice, and back into research. The Society merges the co-founders’ extensive experience in human services and interior design with an understanding of trauma science, to help organizations implement a trauma-informed approach in their services and create stress-reducing physical spaces.
We are a collaborative of library professionals and library supporters who seek to share ACEs Science with our institutions, organizations and communities; explore and implement Trauma-Informed approaches; and build community resilience through our programs, practices and publications.
The Trauma-Informed Utah page was created in response to requests for support in navigating challenges highlighted due to COVID-19. This page serves as a resource bank and networking opportunity for organizations seeking to implement trauma-informed approaches both in policy and practice. This effort is dedicated to improving the well-being of Utahns and those who serve them.
Shining a light on the science of ACEs as we move along the path towards hope, health and healing in our community.
We are committed to building a resilient community. We invite you to join us!
We are teaching Troy, Alabama and the Wiregrass about ACEs and Resilience. Our goal is for all community members to integrate trauma-informed and resilience-building practices into work, home, school, and community interactions, so that we can heal and grow together to be a stronger community every day.
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