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Honor Black History Month with the Wisdom of J'vanet Skiba, associate director of equity, education and engagement, New Hanover Resiliency Task Force

J’vanete Skiba shares her perspectives from her role as the assistant director for equity, education, and engagement for the New Hanover County Resiliency Task Force in Wilmington, North Carolina, on the most recent Resiliency Within podcast with Elaine Miller-Karas, show host, and the co-founder and director of innovation of the Trauma Resource Institute and adjunct professor at Loma Linda University. The vision of the task force is a more resilient and compassionate New Hanover County.

Reflections of a Trauma Therapist in the Russo-Ukraine War (

We have witnessed courage, optimism, hope and our common humanity during war. Elaine Miller-Karas MSW, LCSW Building Resiliency to Trauma - Psychology Today, December 1, 2022 KEY POINTS Our common humanity inspires us to continue to support our Ukrainian colleagues. The human toll of the Ukrainian war challenges civilians with the loss of electricity, water, and heat. The stresses and tensions of the holiday season can be eased by strategies to boost well-being. It has been nine months since...

CRM Workshops for YWCA for Youth and Foster Grandparents

The Healthy Blue Initiative supported a 3 series CRM workshops for the Grandparents Support Network (GSN) at the YWCA providing the biology-based wellness skills for grandparents and youth. The series consisted of: First session: An introduction to the Community Resiliency Model for grandparents to learn the skills and be able to use them for themselves and their well-being as well as have a common language to use with their grandchildren. Second session: The children/youth learned the key...

Bob Doppelt to address Community Mental Wellness and Resiliency Act on Monday’s Resiliency Within Podcast

Bob Doppelt, the coordinator of the International Transformational Resilience Coalition (ITRC) will discuss why community-based initiatives that use a public health approach to build population-level mental wellness and transformational resilience are important approaches to combat widespread harmful mental health and psychosocial problems generated by the climate emergency when he appears on the Resiliency Within podcast at 1 p.m. PT; 4 p.m. ET on Monday, Oct. 24. In September 2023 alone,...

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