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An online platform to foster communication and collaboration across communities and sectors in Texas with the goal of promoting ideas, policies and practices that reduce and prevent childhood adversity, build resilience in individuals and families, and help those affected by trauma to heal and thrive.

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Heartbreaking tribute to Uvalde school shooting victims at San Antonio's Muertosfest (

Jack Morgan/Lanier High School's Día de Muertos altar Author: To read Jack Morgan's article, please click here. People throughout South Texas are celebrating Día de los Muertos by building colorful altars and decorating them with photos of their lost loved ones, flowers and their favorite foods. The citywide celebration Muertosfest has included a monument specifically honoring the children and teachers lost to the Uvalde school shooting Muertosfest’s Chris Davila said 80 altars were set up...

Author of ‘Critical Race Theory’ Ban Says Texas Schools Can Still Teach About Racism (

Photo: Rachel Zein for the Texas Tribune Author: Brian Lopez, August 11, 2022 Author of 'Critical Race Theory' Ban Says Texas School Can Still Teach About Racism For the past year, Texas educators have struggled with a new law targeting how history and race are taught in the state’s public schools. Now, eight months after the enactment of a law designed to de-emphasize the role of slavery and racism in American history in Texas social studies classes, state Sen. Bryan Hughes , R-Mineola, the...

How Houston Moved 25,000 People From the Streets Into Homes of Their Own (

During the last decade, Houston, the fourth most populous city in the U.S., has moved more than 25,000 homeless people directly into apartments and houses. The overwhelming majority of them have remained housed after two years. The number of people deemed homeless in the Houston region has been cut 63% since 2011, according to the latest numbers from local officials. Even judging by the more modest metrics registered in a 2020 federal report, Houston did more than twice as well as the rest...

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