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Why student voice should be central to school libraries (

(grivina/iStock) To read more of Kara Newhouse's article, please click here. Across the U.S., the topics kids can learn and read about in school have been hotly contested in recent years. Mostly, these controversies have been driven by adults. That’s the way education decisions education are usually made, even in less contentious times, according to school librarian and language arts teacher Julia Torres . “We have a lot of conversations about kids. We will involve them in performative ways,...

A town defunded its library for having LGBTQ books, so people donated $90K to keep it open (

via Patmos Library/Facebook . The Patmos Library in Jamestown Township. To read more of Tod Perry's article, please click here. If you don’t like a TV show, change the channel. If you don’t like a song, change the radio station. If you don’t want to read a book, don’t read it. If you don’t want your children to do something, tell them what to avoid. Makes sense, right? Not to the majority of voters in Jamestown Township in western Michigan. On August 3, they rejected a millage to fund their...

Resilient Guilford Network (NC) shares resources for talking with children about war in the Ukraine

In light of recent events, Resilient Guilford Network is sharing resources from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) in response to the war on Ukraine. Some are specific to military families, while others are more general resources. Please see the links below and let us know if you have questions and how we can help support your local efforts. Deep breaths as we start a new week together. We look forward to staying connected and are grateful for all you do. General Child...

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