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Why Investing in Libraries Is a Climate Justice Issue (

“Libraries are essential,” said the Rev. Vernon K. Walker, senior program manager at Communities Responding to Extreme Weather . The nonprofit helps turn libraries, churches and small businesses into climate resilience hubs — trusted community organizations meant to help educate people on extreme weather and provide a physical refuge during and after disasters. “Particularly for libraries that tend to be in Black and brown communities, and particularly in libraries that are in inner cities,...

‘Turning Trauma Into Healing’ Library Employees Receive Special Training As Part Of City’s New Trauma Informed Task Force []

By Annie Rose Ramos , CBS Baltimore, September 8, 2021 Over the summer, library employees received a specific kind of training as the newest members of Baltimore’s Trauma-Informed Task Force. “Baltimore is a city that has experienced an enormous amount of pain,” said Zeke Cohen, Councilman District 1. Turning trauma into healing — the goal of the city’s new Trauma-Informed Task Force. “We are going to become a healing city,” Cohen added. The task force was born out of the Elijah Cummings...

Whole People Watch Weekend on ACEs Connection (Dec. 11th - 13th)

The Transform Trauma with ACEs Sciences FREE Film Festival continues this weekend. Please join us to watch parts 1, 2, and 3 of the PBS Whole People series at your convenience, on ACEs Connection, by clicking play on the videos below: Whole People | 101 | Childhood Trauma | Episode 1 (27 min) Preview: Whole People | 102 | Healing Communities | Preview | Episode 2 Whole People | 102 |Healing Communities Episode 2 (27 min) Whole People | 103 |A New Response | Episode 3 (27 min) This is one of...

‘Words matter’: Why the UC Berkeley Library is embracing another term for ‘illegal aliens’ (Berkeley News)

By Tor Haugan, November 17, 2020, Berkeley News. Editor’s note: This article contains terms that, while offensive, are included to provide historical context. Gisèle Tanasse’s class visits come with an apology. When she’s introducing students to the UC Berkeley Library, and helping them sift through its collections using the online catalog, she warns them about what they might find. “You’re going to see some things that are really othering and problematic,” says Tanasse, Berkeley’s film and...

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