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In An Unusual Step, a Top Medical Journal Weighs in on Climate Change []

By Victoria St. Martin, Photo: Robert Nickelsburg/Getty Images, Inside Climate News, June 16, 2022 For years, research journals devoted to the earth sciences have warned of the dire consequences that could result from global warming and pollution going unchecked. Now, one of the nation’s oldest medical journals has committed itself to increasing the public’s knowledge about the health effects of the planet’s changing climate. Beginning with the issue published Thursday, The New England...

How do we empower youth in face of the climate crisis?

Whether you are a parent or a guardian, a teacher or a school administrator, if you have children in your life, you might hear them talking about climate change. Whether it’s wildfires or floods or tsunamis and tornados, these events are happening with increasing frequency all around us. Climate change may once have been an abstract concept or foreign idea, but it is now our reality. Young people are more aware than ever of the threats to the planet’s future and are getting involved...

How “Generation Dread” Can Emerge From Chronic Eco-Distress With Resilience with Dr. Britt Wray

Through memoir, reportage and narrative non-fiction, Generation Dread examines wide raging mental health impacts of the ecological crisis, creative coping strategies for living more comfortably amidst profound eco-distress, what can be done to exercise flexible thinking about the future, and why we ought to be aware of psychological defences that prevent action.

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