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Trauma-Responsive New Zealand

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2024 Māori & Pasifika online symposium

Join us on 13th March (9am – 4.30pm NZDT) for a one day Live-Streamed (& limited in-person) event to hear new Māori and Pasifika research. Explore and share indigenous practice initiatives that work and support whānau and their communities. Purchase tickets: Presentations KEYNOTE ADDRESS: HELMUT KAREWA MODLIK (Ngāti Toa) Mauri Ora – A vision for enhanced wellbeing, prosperity and mana GUEST SPEAKERS: DONNA MATAHAERE-ATARIKI...

The fine art of putting myself first while staying compassionate

It has been a long time I am back I have gone through dark times once again I went through chaos and confusion I pulled myself out and up I made changes for me I am learning the fine art of putting myself first while staying compassionate I got into a deep dark hole simply because I was too compassionate for others and I put myself at the bottom once again Some find it easy to put themself first most of the time I do not Far too many people are like me especially if you are teachers and...

Woodworking and Hugs: Inside the Mental Health Movement for Men (

Credit: MSUK To read MaryLou Costa's article, please click here. Recognizing that “m en will talk shoulder to shoulder, but not necessarily face to face,” Men’s Sheds give guys a space to tinker while they open up — and heal. “While you’re doing this, you’ve got to concentrate on what you’re doing. And it takes your mind off other issues, and for those couple of hours, you kind of relax. Once you start feeling better, it’s like dropping a pebble in the water, and those ripples come back out,...

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