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Behavioral health means resilience and well-being []

By Cathy Giessel, Anchorage Daily News, May 2, 2021 Alaskans love to fish! Already, trips to favorite fishing places are being planned, and dreams of big catches dreamed. So, imagine standing on the shore of your favorite river when suddenly you see a person being swept downstream, thrashing to keep their head above water. We would, in an instant, make every effort to rescue that person and get them on solid, safe ground. Let me connect this drowning person to problems our community...

Yup'ik Communities Turn to Indigenous Knowledge to Prevent Risk for Youth Suicide and Alcohol Abuse []

From National Institute for Minority Health and Health Disparities, January 12, 2018 Culture plays a substantial role in reducing disparities among American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations; experts acknowledge culture’s critical importance to intervention success and sustainability. Yet many questions remain about the mechanisms that produce this protective effect. For more than a decade, researchers at the Center for Alaska Native Health Research have been collaborating with...

When the hospital is 800 miles away: Pregnant in rural Alaska during COVID-19 []

By Claire Stremple, March 23, 2021 For a project set against the backdrop of COVID-19, the field is the living room. It’s also the office and the production studio. But when that living room is in a tiny town of just over 2,000 people at the northern end of the longest, deepest fjord in North America, surrounded by glacier-carved mountain ranges for hundreds of miles, the field is pretty far, well, afield. It’s also 100 miles from the nearest hospital, but only by small aircraft or ferry,...

Child-Parent Psychotherapy: What it is and why it’s essential for Alaska’s children

By Chris Gunderson, LPC-S, NCC, President/CEO, Denali Family Services In response to a growing need for early childhood mental health services in Alaska, a multi-agency partnership, including the Alaska Children’s Trust and Denali Family Services , is working to disseminate Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) training across Alaska with the goal of training clinicians from around the state in this nationally recognized, evidence-based practice. In this post, I will discuss the need for this...


The Cost of ACE's

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Hello, Alaska has been working on a project highlighting the cost and impact of ACE's. I've been following their progress over the past three years and recently saw this great infographic they've created: Imagine if every state did this? My question: Do you know of any other states who've conducted similar studies? is there support for this research at the federal level? Are you familiar with the McDowell Group or other businesses...Read More...
September 8, 2016 - Anchorage, AK September 9, 2016 – Fairbanks, AK Alaska Federal Health Care Partnership will be hosting a workshop focused on the impacts of addictive behaviors and childhood trauma on suicide. Dr. Donald Warne comes from a long line of traditional Lakota healers. Dr. Warne holds an MD from Stanford University and a Master of Public Health from Harvard University. He is also a Diplomate of both the American Board of Family Practice and the American Board of Medical...Read More...

New Group - ACEs in Arctic

Trevor Storrs
Check out this new group - ACEs in the Arctic Group! The purpose of this group is to create an ongoing dialogue on childhood trauma and resilience between circumpolar communities and others interested in the Arctic. This dialogue will help to...Read More...
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