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New Transforming Trauma Episode: Trauma-Proofing Corporate Culture and Work Environments with Adriana Leigh

Identifying and addressing complex trauma suffered on the job can be challenging. Human resources might provide mediation or disciplinary action, but ultimately that assistance originates from within the same structure that fostered the situation in the first place. Thankfully, a growing number of trauma-informed consultants, coaches, and trainers are applying their skills to the world of work, transforming corporations and institutions into safe, respectful, and inclusive cultures for all.

New Episode of History. Culture. Trauma.! Amy King, PhD. What is Early Relational Health?

We are excited to announce another episode of History. Culture. Trauma. ! Our next conversation is with author of the upcoming book, The Trauma Informed Pediatric Practice: A Resilience-Based Roadmap to Foster Early Relational Health, Dr. Amy King . In this week's episode, we are excited to have Dr. Amy King. Amy King, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who provides training, consultation and education to professionals and organizations. She specializes in trauma-informed work and resilience...

Tidy vs. cluttered?

Victor Frankl describes in Man's Search for Meaning the intake process he went through at a concentration camp. Among the things he describes, one thing particularly caught my attention - the moment when each person is directed to hand over all of their possessions. The men and women are stripped of their clothing and all personal effects. In this desperate moment, there were various attempts to hold on to material things - a wedding ring, a good luck charm, a photo, or, for Frankl, his...

How AI is quietly changing everyday life (

To read more of OLIVIA OLANDER , MACKENZIE WILKES , KATY O'DONNELL , DANIEL PAYNE and RUTH READER article, please click here. Artificial intelligence isn’t just a niche tool for cheating on homework or generating bizarre and deceptive images. It’s already humming along in unseen and unregulated ways that are touching millions of Americans who may never have heard of ChatGPT, Bard or other buzzwords. A growing share of businesses, schools, and medical professionals have quietly embraced...

New Transforming Trauma Episode: Introducing The Complex Trauma Training Center with Training Director Brad Kammer

Around the world, there is an urgent need for effective treatment of complex trauma. While there is a growing number of trauma-informed mental health professionals focusing on supporting individuals, relationships, communities, and systems, addressing trauma everyday can be taxing, overwhelming and lead to burn-out. Who is there to support those therapists and helping professionals on their professional journey? On this bonus episode of Transforming Trauma , host Emily Ruth welcomes Brad...

Power of Positive Experience to Improve Public Health Register now: The Montana Winter Institute Starts Monday!

(Author’s note: Photo is of Jeff Linkebach, EdD, founder of The Montana Institute , and me following a three-hour long brainstorming lunch recently at the Whole Foods in Bozeman, Montana. I’d gone to visit my two adult children in the area. Linkenbach and his family have made their home there for more than 30 years. Linkenbach and I connected several years ago via PACEs Connection as he is one of the co-founders of the HOPE (Health Outcomes from Positive Experiences) research. The Montana...

Detaching with Love and Openheartedness

My teenagers' dark and surly moods, my husband's anxiety, my mother's rare show of displeasure, and my father's anger and frugality, all had great power to destroy my peace of mind. That's why years ago when I picked up a sheet of paper at a meeting entitled "Detaching with Love," it spoke to me.

Healing Centered Engagement in Disempowered Communities Workshop

The reality for many of us from disempowered communities is that we often live in an invisible gap that exists between our traditional cultural ways of being and contemporary dominant culture. This is a vulnerable space for us because although we live as 21st century Americans, our bodies, all the way down to the genetic structure, may be wired for a collectivist way of life. Further, many of us live at the intersection of unaddressed generational trauma and current day violence, oppression...

The ETSU Ballad Health Strong BRAIN Institute presents: Creating Trauma-Informed Middle and High Schools- Part 1

Please make plans to join the East Tennessee State University Ballad Health Strong BRAIN Institute as we welcome Drs. Ginger Christian, Amy Horton, and Kevin Graham for our February Resilience Series presentation. This presentation will take place on February 27, 2024, from 12- 1:30 p.m. (Eastern). Resilient school leaders recognize that training all school personnel, from custodians and bus drivers to teachers and principals, maximizes opportunities for mitigating the effects of Adverse...

Tender Love: A Somatic Approach to Trauma-Informed Birthwork

For non-clinical perinatal care professionals, birthwork is not just a job, but a calling to help others on their path to parenthood. Doulas, childbirth and lactation educators, and newborn care specialists dedicate themselves to the well-being of their clients. But this commitment comes with challenges that can be tough to overcome, such as punishing schedules, vicarious trauma, and a sense of powerlessness in their working environments. To address these realities in the perinatal care...

February Collective Care Through the CRC & PACEs Movement: The Way Forward for Civil & Human Rights is Trauma-Informed

Nationally recognized days of awareness remind us of important civil and human rights movements led by Black and African-American communities and social justice advocates. February puts leadership, education, access, justice, policy, and governance under the spotlight. Through a PACEs science lens, this month is an opportunity to consider trauma-informed transformation through a PACEs science lens as the way forward.

Why positive childhood experiences are important for all children and families []

By Laura Gallant, 1/29/24, What are positive childhood experiences? Positive childhood experiences, also known as PCEs, are protective experiences that help heal the brain from trauma and promote healthy mental health in adulthood. In 2019, HOPE Director Robert Sege , Christina Bethell, PhD, MBA, MPH , and others published a study in JAMA Pediatrics where they found that PCEs can promote well-being even when exposed to Adverse Childhood Experiences...

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