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January 2023

Why Other States Should Be Studying ‘Blueprint for Maryland’s Future’ []

By Kalman R. Hettleman, The74, January 4, 2023 Maryland touts the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future , its all-encompassing school reform legislation chiefly enacted in 2020, as a “ bellwether for the rest of the country .” The blueprint’s main architect, Marc Tucker, then head of the National Center on Education and the Economy and an expert on comparing the performance of U.S. schools to those in high-performing countries, called it “ revolutionary .” Yet, a recent article in The 74 observed...

Omnibus Bill Will ‘Move the Ball Quite Substantially’ in Behavioral Health []

By Chris Larson, Photo: Caleb Fisher/Unsplash, January 3, 2023 The $1.66 trillion omnibus funding bill touches nearly every aspect of the behavioral health industry. Advocates in the space weren’t shy about praising the bill even though it didn’t include some long-sought reforms. A quick tally of funding for the most germane items finds that the federal government is putting at least $10 billion into behavioral health in fiscal 2023. The bill, which was signed by Pres. Joe Biden on Dec. 29 ,...

Resources to Practice the HOPE Framework and PCEs []

By The HOPE Team, 1/5/23, In the past year, many organizations and individuals have focused on practicing HOPE in their daily work. Over that time, we have created resources as guides and suggestions on what HOPE in practice can look like, depending on the culture and needs of each person, community, and organization. Our many different resources range from fact sheets offered in different languages to guides on how to screen for positive...

The Intersection of the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) and Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)

Trauma-informed care is like an umbrella that encompasses the social determinants of health, social-emotional learning, and actionable solutions to create real change. I think a lot of people don’t understand this yet. Understandably, when people hear “trauma-informed,” they’re confused. If you’re not already informed about the impacts of and solutions to widespread trauma in our society, it’s hard to imagine what type of information relates to trauma. So, let me frame it with language that...

White contractors wouldn’t remove Confederate statues. So a Black man did it. []

By Gregory S. Schneider, Photo: Parker Michels-Boyce/The Washington Post, The Washington Post, January 2, 2023 Workers in bright yellow vests circled up in the morning chill. Some clutched cups of Starbucks coffee, a last comfort before beginning the hard work of dismantling a statue of Confederate Gen. A.P. Hill in the middle of an intersection. As a small group of Confederate heritage defenders assembled nearby — at least one of them armed — city safety coordinator Miles Jones lectured the...

At this Texas school, every student is a teen mother []

By Angelica Casa, British Broadcasting Corporation, December 29, 2022 At the end of a year in which motherhood has been at the centre of impassioned debate in the US, a school in Texas for teenage mothers shows how young lives are being supported - and reshaped. It was early 2021, and Helen had been eating more than usual. The soon-to-be 15-year-old couldn't explain why her appetite had seemed to grow so much. "Is this normal?" she asked her older sister. It could be, her sister suggested.

Maternal deaths in the U.S. are staggeringly common. Personal nurses could help []

By Laura Benshoff, Photo: Rachel Wisniewski/NPR, National Public Radio, December 27, 2022 In 2020, Lauren Brown of Upper Darby, Pa., had a high-risk pregnancy. She was past 35 years old, had high blood pressure, and had a previous blood clot that could have been deadly. Plus, the COVID-19 pandemic was raging. When it came time to give birth in December of that year, Brown, 40, needed an emergency C-section to deliver her daughter, Bella. All of these factors contribute to a deadly trend in...

Self-care is not a luxury. It’s a matter of survival []

By Sophia A. Nelson, Photo: PeopleImages/iStockphoto/Getty Images, CNN Opinion, January 1, 2023 It’s the start of another year, and we are still working our way through a once-in-a-generation, life-changing pandemic almost three years after it began. We’ve all been affected by Covid-19’s scourge of sickness, hospitalization, death, loneliness, isolation, work dislocation and family disruption. Perhaps, like me, you even got sick with the coronavirus and are living with its long-term effects.

If ‘permacrisis’ is the word of 2022, what does 2023 have in store for our mental health? []

By André Spicer, Photo: Cole Burston/AFP/Getty Images, The Guardian, December 30, 2022 I n 1940, as the Nazis were closing in on Paris, Walter Benjamin, the German Jewish literary critic and avid collector, knew he had to flee the city. Before leaving, he entrusted one of his most treasured possessions to his friend Georges Bataille, who hid it the archives of the French national library. This was a work titled Angelus Novus , by the artist Paul Klee. The print is of a small angel, wings...

💗 Get A FREE Copy of My NEW Book - It's Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol: It's About Healing Complex PTSD

Hi Everyone! The good news is after seven years, with a five-year break (AKA stall-out), I have finally finished my new book and have titled it: It's Not About Food, Drugs, or Alcohol: It's About Healing Complex PTSD Although my book won't be available to the general public until its launch date on Feb 21 st , 2023, I am offering FREE advance reader copies to a limited amount of people this week. Below is a summary of what my book's about and how to qualify to get a free copy this week.

'Looking Forward: The Future of the PACEs Movement'—New episode of 'History. Culture. Trauma.' podcast Thursday

History. Culture. Trauma. debuted in 2022. Our first year has been a success and we are grateful to all of our listeners. We are returning this year with new episodes. This week, our hosts Ingrid Cockhren and Mathew Portell reflect on 2022 and discuss the possibilities for the future of the worldwide PACEs movement. 2022 had many lessons. In fact, the collective trauma of the past three years has increased our awareness of the impact of stress and trauma and the need for collective care,...

What disabled people know about making better New Year’s resolutions []

By Amanda Morris, Illustration: Hayley Wall/The Washington Post, The Washington Post, December 30, 2022 Living with a disability can teach you to approach New Year’s resolutions with a healthier and gentler mindset. Just ask Claire Richmond, 38, who has a rare liver condition that can cause severe fatigue, migraines, pain and vomiting. In her younger days, Richmond made ambitious resolutions — a low-carb diet to lose weight and a plan to run a marathon — that landed her in the hospital. “I...

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