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Training opportunities to increase your practice of the HOPE framework []


By The HOPE Team,

The HOPE National Resource Center (NRC) offers training options at all levels, from introductory workshops and courses to advanced certifications, that will help you expand your practice of HOPE and promote positive childhood experiences (PCEs) in your community and organization. We continually develop and update our training opportunities using feedback from our HOPE community members and partners. It is important for our trainings to honor the unique practices of different communities, organizations, and individual families.

The HOPE NRC created its first individual-level certification in 2021, the Train the Facilitator program, because of the growing popularity of our Introduction to HOPE workshops. Attendees in these workshops leave the program prepared to deliver their version of the Introduction to HOPE workshop to their community. Since then, we have developed three additional certification programs. The advanced HOPE Champion and HOPE Faculty Trainer programs are individual-level certifications. The HOPE-Informed Organizational Certification program is a long-term process for organizations that guides them through a journey of cultural and organizational change.

Our workshops, certifications, and technical assistance are all important ways of implementing the HOPE framework and integrating PCEs into practice. PCEs change the way we interact with children and families and promote healing, resilience, and equitable systems change. When we promote a practice that honors and celebrates the positives in people’s lives, we are changing the narrative by creating healing spaces for children to grow into healthy and resilient adults.

Learn more about the training options we offer at HOPE NRC and how you can begin, continue, or enhance your practice of the HOPE framework starting today!

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