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TASH Members Can Access Restraint & Seclusion Prevention Training

"Beginning Monday, March 4, TASH members will have access to a complimentary suite of training sessions on the prevention of restraint, seclusion and aversive interventions....

Shouldn’t School Be Safe? Preventing and Eliminating the Use of Aversives, Restraint and Seclusion | Pat Amos

The rising tide of Positive Behavior Supports has not lifted all boats, and many students with disabilities continue to be subjected to restraint, seclusion and other aversives as part of their education and behavior intervention plan....

Understanding the Effects of Trauma on the Lives of Those We Serve: Developing Trauma Informed Systems of Care | Joan Gillece

Restraint and seclusion are very dangerous practices with serious and long-lasting effects far beyond when the incident occurs. Through this session, we’ll dive deep into the long-term effects of trauma on the lives of people subjected to these practices, including what the research in mental health and child development tells us about enduring psychological harm caused by restraint and seclusion...."


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