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Small Moments: Big Impacts – An App for New Mothers []

By Guest Author, 8/11/21,

Following the recent release of their new app for mothers, Drs. Barry Zuckerman and Cyndie Hatcher spoke with HOPE Research Assistant, Loren McCullough about how the questions, information, and parent videos provided in Small Moments: Big Impacts (SMBI) can brighten the outcomes of parents and children. Dr. Cyndie Hatcher also discussed her experiences working with parents in primary care settings, and her use of SMBI’s resources to encourage growth of the 4 Building Blocks of HOPE for families.

Dr. Hatcher – Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your work on Small Moments: Big Impacts?

Dr. Cyndie Hatcher (CH): My interest in Small Moments has been truly captured by my entry into motherhood. I noticed my interactions with my patients changed tremendously because I was able to have that first-hand experience of the challenges that every mom has… Not just the challenges of taking care of a child, but [also] taking care of yourself, and the loneliness and the exhaustion on a day to day basis! And I did not understand that at all before I became a mother.

And so after experiencing it for myself, [I saw] that there is this huge opportunity for providers to meet families where they are post-partum! I now understood that we can be engaging them and actually normalizing these experiences. Instead of just weighing the baby, and [say something] like, “Oh, the baby’s growing!”, we can relate with families more about their home supports for baby, trusted individuals for the family,  and their goals, among other things. The visit could be so much more uplifting for mothers!

That really is what drew me to Small Moments – it’s filling an unmet need, and reaching the heart of [the supportive] physician to family relationship we want.

[Click here to read more and view companion videos]

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“This is the most important job we have to do as humans and as citizens … If we offer classes in auto mechanics and civics, why not parenting? A lot of what happens to children that’s bad derives from ignorance … Parents go by folklore, or by what they’ve heard, or by their instincts, all of which can be very wrong.”

—Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School).

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