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Seeking Help for Self-Harming Behavior


Self-harm is one of the most challenging subjects to talk about, but millions of people will continue to suffer in silence if we do not.

This series on self-harm has been one of the most difficult I have ever written, and I know it has been challenging to read. This piece is dedicated to examining why people self-harm and the proposed remedies to end the pain.

Why Do People Self-Harm?

Trying to understand why someone would harm themselves with cutting or some other form is difficult at best. Most of us would think that harming your body and the pain that ensues would be a deterrent, but not so for those who hurt themselves. For them, the pain they experience resulting from harming themselves brings temporary relief from the extreme emotional turmoil they feel.

One must add drinking to access and using illicit drugs to the list of ways people self-harm. Alcohol and drugs also give brief respites from stress and emotional pain, but abusing either can cost the person’s life.

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