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Open Letter to Secretary of Education, Mr. Arne Duncan - Washington State

ACEsConnection member Jim Sporleder wrote the following...

"The AMERICA’S ANGEL® Campaign: Raising the Bar on Raising America

RE:  Request to join President Obama’s Call to Action on gun violence

Dear Mr. Duncan: 

I am Principal of Lincoln High School, an alternative “Trauma Sensitive” school in Walla Walla, Washington.  Our staff is trained to use compassion to defuse potential violence in our students whose fear-based childhoods put them at-risk.   As an Administrator, my concerns include student outcomes, discipline, and decreasing both dropouts and school violence. In June, 2012, journalist Jane Stevens featured Lincoln’s disciplinary model in her Huffington Post article, Suspension Rates at a Washington School Drop 85%: Does Kindness Play a Role?  In every day statistics, the 85% decrease meant 800 suspension days dropped to 135, thus for 765 days students attended class rather than roam the streets...."


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