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How to: Send a private message

Do you want to send us -- or anyone in the network -- a private message?

  1. In the very upper right of any page you're on, click on Dialog.
  2. When that opens, in the box on the left side, click on Add Participants, and type in a name. You can add more than one person's name. 
  3. Then type in a title in the subject, the message in the Dialog Post box, and scroll down and click on Start Dialog!
  4. When you have a message waiting, the Dialog box in the upper right of the page will have a number representing the number of messages waiting.
  5. You can tell if one the ACEs Connection community managers is online by checking the Current Visitors box on the right side of the Home page. (ACEs Connection community managers: Dana Brown, Gail Kennedy, Elizabeth Prewitt, Alicia St. Andrews, Jane Stevens.)

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Hi Folks,

I work as a CBT based therapist in a high security prison in England.  I've just joined the ACE's network but have long promoted the ethos and science behind ACE's in treating mental distress and illness.  I'm currently preparing a 6 week ACE's educational module to be delivered to prisoners, and it occurs to me that other members may have some best practice or existing materials which could help me in this work? If so, could you please contact me by return to discuss further?  I find that forensic populations have a critical need for this understanding to make sense of their lives and actions!  Thanks,  Brian 

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