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How-To: Customize Your Email Notifications for ACEs Connection Main Site

1.     Go to Your Name in upper top right navigation bar

2.     Click Notifications in the drop-down menu. 

3.     To suspend all emails from the main site and all community sites you've joined, select the Settings box, check the box for Suspend All Email Notifications, scroll to the bottom and click on Update Settings. (Another way to do this is to scroll to the bottom of the next email you receive from the site, and click to unsubscribe.

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4.    To control the types of email notifications you receive from the main site (e.g., blog posts, calendar events), select the Follows Page, make your choices, scroll to the bottom and click on Update Settings.

5.     To choose how to receive your notifications, go to Settings, and choose Email or On-Site Alert. Email means that notifications will be emailed to you. On-Site Alert means that when you sign into ACEs Connection, notifications will appear in your Alerts section, which you can access by going to your name in the upper top right navigation bar, and clicking on Alerts in the drop-down menu. 

When you join ACEsConnection, you automatically receive the daily digest. If you want to receive only the weekly roundup, or neither the daily digest or the weekly roundup, click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email when you receive it. 


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I've joined ACE's Too High because I have a High ACE score (about 9 or more) and

a High Resiliency score...about 7....but still struggle with overeating and weight gain, and the unfortunate side effects of High blood pressure, high cholesterol,

and being pre-diabetic.  I am seeking others who might wish to put together a group to discuss our ACE histories along with our weight control dynamics and to create mutual support.  It is my understanding that this whole thing got started when Kaiser worked with bariatric potential patients who struggled to hit a lower weight before the surgery.  Most of them were ACE's high like me.

I live in Ohio and would be willing to meet in person if there were sufficient folks willing to connect that way, or on line or both.  I know that Facebook allows private groups to form so it could be an easy way to connect.  Or if we can do it here, that's good too.  I am on Eastern time but have a fairly flexible schedule so could accommodate another time zone if needed.

I know that when I am triggered into my ACE memories, I am more likely to eat in an out of control way.  I have been to Overeaters Anonymous, but that group doesn't seem to welcome getting down to the nitty-gritty of least the group I attended didn't. 






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