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3 Realms of ACEs - Updated!


PACEs Connection has updated our 3 Realms of ACEs Graphic to represent recent and pressing events. The 3 Realms of ACEs are Community, Household, and Environment. ACEs in these realms intertwine throughout people’s lives, and affect the viability of families, communities, organizations, and systems.

Environment has been updated to include "Pandemic", as the entire world continues to survive through the COVID-19 crisis. The Community Realm has been updated to include "Discrimination" and "Food Scarcity". Although discrimination is a broad term, we chose this to acknowledge all of the practices, policies and institutions that have traumatized marginalized groups. These groups include people of color, people living with mental health and substance use challenges, people of all ages and ability levels, and members of the LGBTQI+ community and others who have experienced sexual discrimination.

We do want to acknowledge that we recognize that these categories are not inclusive of all adversities. We hope you can adapt this and use it for your specific community needs.

PACEs Connection is home to a number of communities for people of different identities and backgrounds to try to create resilience within them: The Climate Trauma Project, The Rainbow Resilience Connection for LGBTQ+ Survivors, PACEs & African Americans, ACEs in Foster Care, ACEs in the Criminal Justice System, PACEs in the Faith-Based Community, Native Americans, and Parenting with PACEs.

Thanks to Building Community Resilience Collaborative and Networks and the International Transformational Resilience Coalition for inspiration and guidance.

We encourage you to use this flyer at every opportunity to share ACEs science information. It can be downloaded, distributed, and used freely to advance the ACEs science movement. We do ask if you choose to adapt it, please share it back with us! We would love to hear how this is useful for your community and any feedback.


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