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Catherine Bonnet on French survey inspired by ACE Study

[Catherine Bonnet requested that I post the following, with the attached PowerPoint.] In 2010 AIVI  conducted a comparative survey in France to assess the effects of incest on health and daily life between 341 members of AIVI and 946 individuals from the general population. Unfortunately AIVI did not get funds for more than 12 comparative questions. However it was possible to add 12 more questions on health and the life, 12 other questions on the disclosure, all of these only for the...

My Interest in ACES Too High

Congratulations!  I love the idea of ACES Too High!  I am the Executive Director of the Institute for Public Health (IPH) in the Graduate School of Public Health at San Diego State University.  The mission of the IPH is to serve as a...


I see patients and their physical conditions through the eyes of what they believe. In my experience, the places people "get stuck" physically and emotionally and behaviorally is often a function of deep held beliefs (which are often unconscious to...

New book

I am enjoying reading Robin Karr-Morse's new book, "Scared Sick," and am very impressed by what she has done.  This book is well worth looking at.  She is highly knowledgeable of the literature on child development, weaving in her own...

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