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January 2020

The Outer Critic, Self-Parenting and the Thirteen Steps of Healing

This series of articles has focused on emotional flashbacks. We’ve discussed how they feel, what causes them, and the turmoil they bring into relationships and lives. In this article, we will cover ways to conquer the emotional roller coaster that accompanies complex post-traumatic stress disorder and emotional flashbacks.

A New Year's Thoughts

Wishing you a Happy New Year of Peace, Joy, Love, Hope & Healing. Take care, Michael. "JOY" - a song of thanks to all of those in my life - performed at the NYAPRS Conference 9/13 - “JOY”© Michael Skinner Music There’s joy in knowing what I have found There’s joy in knowing that I’m still around There’s joy in knowing that I still care Joy in knowing you’re still there Joy in knowing you’re still there I’m so glad you’re still around Thanks for...

Growing Resilient Communities — How to write an Action Plan

Attached to this post is detailed information about how to put together an action plan, sometimes known as a strategic action plan, which is different from a strategic plan. Strategic Planning: The process by which you plot out, step by step, how your initiative/organization will get to where it wants to be. Strategic Action Plan: Explains how you’re going to make your strategy a reality. It takes the purpose and goals you’ve outlined and adds the details needed to turn thoughts into...

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