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Webinar: Family Trauma Solutions - Technology Addiction


Our kids (and parents) are not alright with technology. And the problem has spun out of control with the recent pandemic. Up to 50% of kids surveyed feel addicted to social media and go into withdrawal-like symptoms if their devices are removed ranging from aggression to severe anxiety. And many suffer from a new phenomenon called “nature deficit disorder."

In turn, the ongoing drama and conflict that ensues between parent and child often result in long-term trauma in the form of unforgiveness, resentment, and bitterness.

WEBINAR:  Family Trauma Solutions - Technology Addiction

DATE:  June 16
TIME:  12 - 1 pm EDT
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The FST | Family Systems Trauma model provides mental health professionals with tools and techniques to stabilize oppositional and defiant behaviors within the entire family and not just through traditional individual treatment.

There is no cost for the webinar, however, registration is required.

Continuing education credits or attendance certificates will not be available for this free webinar.

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