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Turnaround for Children releases new paper and announces hiring for key positions


Michael Lamb, Executive Director, Washington D.C., Turnaround for Children sent the following message about a new paper, Building Blocks for Learning, just released by Turnaround and three new positions it is seeking to fill. Take a look:  

"Hi friends and colleagues, it’s an exciting time for Turnaround in Washington, D.C. as we work towards our vision that one day all children in the US attend schools that prepare them for the lives they choose. 

In addition to our exciting work in schools, and our deepening partnership with DCPS, we just released a new paper we are calling the Building Blocks for Learning. It’s a framework for comprehensive student development, grounded in science, in service of equity. It makes the case that all children in K-12 need skills, including stress management, self-regulation, executive functions and growth mindset, and that we can’t just assume they are in place when students enter kindergarten. We must teach them, particularly to children whose healthy development has been interrupted by their experiences with adversity.

 If this sounds like the work that you, or someone in your network, would like to be doing every day—WE’RE HIRING!!!

 I am specifically looking for three additions to my team and a brief overview is below.  Folks can check out to apply!!


The Program Director is responsible for leading a schoolwide change process in Turnaround partner schools. This involves close collaboration with, and coaching of, each school's leadership and highly effective coordination with Turnaround Instructional Coaches and Social Work Consultants. We are seeking experienced change facilitators who have led diverse teams toward significant change initiatives, ideally in low-performing, high poverty urban district schools.


The Instructional Coach has primary responsibility for developing the proficiency of all teachers in Turnaround partner schools on a set of high-leverage classroom management and instructional skills and for preparing school leaders to support and sustain these skills through focused observations, descriptive feedback and different forms of assessment and evaluation. We are seeking applicants who bring proven experience coaching and developing other teachers and school leaders.


Via coaching, consultation and other support, the Social Work Consultant helps each Turnaround partner school to dramatically increase long-term capacity to identify students at greatest risk early, connect them in a timely fashion with appropriate school-based and community services and interventions, and ensure high-quality case management and follow through. We are seeking applicants with senior supervisory experience in a social services or school environment, with a background in direct clinical work with children and families."


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