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Trauma-Informed Job Grief Support Group - starts March 27th

The group will help end shame spirals, help members feel less alone, label potential work abuse or neglect, and inspire members to identify their needs and take action steps towards a more fulfilling work life.


  • 8 Wednesdays from 3/27/24 to 5/15/24 @11 AM ET

  • 45 minute calls

  • Well-structured and guided by an experienced facilitator

  • Small group

Join to:

  • process your experience

  • build confidence

  • strategize your next move

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This group is for anyone:

  • feeling stuck in a dysfunctional workplace

  • getting discouraged looking for work

  • underpaid

  • overworked

  • seeking strategies for boundary-setting

  • seeking inspiration on what to do next

  • seeking motivation to have tough conversations or make difficult decisions

  • who is unsure but curious

“It was just good to hear someone else’s experience and relate to some of the same issues. I think the specific focus on work issues and strategies for dealing with work stress and all of the emotional issues surrounding work is valuable and is better in a group setting.

This group is for anyone with a work situation that is eating away at their confidence or that feels stuck. ”
— Past Participant, August 2023 cohort

“I have participated in other grief/support groups via Zoom that were not as open or successful. I found Alison to be an excellent facilitator. Working to cultivate an open, caring, online meet-up with folks you haven’t met before is not easy. I felt validated, heard, and respected anytime I shared anything with the whole group or in the chat feature. Very happy to have had this experience and so very thankful for all the resources shared.”

— Victoria A., Librarian, December 2023 cohort

“[I valued the] connectivity to other like-minded people. [It] validated how I was feeling. It was such a gift and I am so grateful I found the group and Alison.”

—Katie Landi, Nonprofit Management, January 2024 cohort

About the facilitator:


Alison Cebulla has been facilitating personal growth and support groups for over 13 years. She is a certified health coach and holds a Master’s in Public Health from Boston University. She has taught workshops in cities around the world to help people feel more connected to others and to cultivate genuine and authentic kindness and gratitude (not the toxic spiritual bypassing kind). You can hear her on her podcast Latchkey Urchins & Friends which seeks to heal trauma with humor. She is a trauma-informed care and psychological safety consultant at Tend Collective.

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