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The Team Philly Needs Now []


By Luqman Abdullah, The Philadelphia Citizen, May 22, 2023

Wherever you get your news, you probably see some of the same headlines:

Our gun violence prevention programs are failing to meet their goals!
People are up in arms over a proposed new Sixers arena!
The new mayor should do this or that!
We love our sports teams (when we’re not busy loving to hate them)!

With all of these ideas swirling in my head, we came up with an idea:

What if we Philadelphians approached our gun violence crisis as if it were one of our professional sports teams, like the Eagles or Sixers or Phillies? What if we rallied everyone behind this movement to prevent violence the way the teams rally everyone in the city behind their sports? What if we celebrated the heroes who are keeping our streets safe the way we do Jalen Hurts and Bryce Harper — and celebrate the wins the way we do when our teams bring home a banner (or even just eke out a victory)?

Here’s what it could look like.

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