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The Courage to Love Again: Supporting Secure Prenatal Attachment After Pregnancy Loss


Pregnancy loss is a devastating experience that happens to many parents every year and most go on to conceive again. This experience can turn gestation into a time that feels tenuous and full of worries, making it hard for parents to feel safe to bond with their growing baby. Our own histories and our ancestral imprints around death and loss have an impact on how we move through the loss of a baby, making this phase possibly even more challenging.

Considering that the prenatal period is one of the most formative attachment phases for both parents and children, it is crucial to offer support to families so they can find their way back to a sense of safety. While parents are often supported well in the physiological aspects of conceiving again after pregnancy loss, the emotional impact of the loss and how this will affect the connection with their new child is not attended to enough. For the new being coming in it is essential that parents process their loss and find the safety and trust inside to open up to love again.

We have developed a three-part course and invite you to come, as a professional or as a parent, or both. It is an online course, March 4, 11 and 18. We offer a free class on February 18 online at 2 pm Eastern time.

Here is the link to register for the free class:

Part 1: Pregnancy loss: Love and heartbreak

Losing a pregnancy is both a unique and common experience, yet many parents feel isolated and under supported as they face this devastating loss. Our own histories, both on a personal and ancestral level, impact how we move through this phase, what is touched in our psyche and the kind of support we need to integrate what happened. This first class offers support for exploring what is hidden inside our psyche in our experience of losing a child and what we need to come to a place of settling around it. Staying in connection with ourselves, our partner and other children and maybe even the child who left is most important here.

Part 2: Transitioning from loss to a new beginning

At some point parents feel an impulse to move toward a new conception and need support for this transition from what was to what will be. Understanding our own and our partner’s needs in this preparation phase is essential, so we can move forward from a place of presence. The feelings and needs in this phase can differ widely. Finding what is necessary to prepare our families and ourselves for welcoming a new child, so there is space to fully receive this new being, is essential in this phase.

Part 3: A new love: Opening our hearts and bodies to receive a being again

Once the couple is ready to move forward and invite a new being into their family, the focus can shift to being available for bonding with the child. Preconception and prenatal bonding form the foundation for secure attachment, no matter what happened before. Making room for both the truth of the loss and the celebration of the new child allows for the love to flow again in the family field.

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