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Strategic Goals

NCAR (National Collaborative on Adversity and Resilience)

  1. Create a common language informed by robust data and brought to life by compelling stories of healing and recovery. Use key messages to inform and inspire policymakers, practitioners, funders, the private sector, the media and the public.
  2. Educate leaders, policy-makers and the public about ACEs, brain development and effective interventions, including the paradigm shift from asking “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?"
  3. Identify, promote and bring to scale research-informed, community-driven and cost-effective trauma and adversity prevention and recovery strategies, services and programs.
  4. Engage elected and appointed officials, private sector leaders and other influencers as champions for health, educational, economic and related policy changes that improve community resilience, health equity and social justice.
  5. Increase and leverage public and private funding for translational research, strategic collaboration, professional training, communications and the development of standards for trauma-informed services, organizations and communities.
  6. Develop strong and adaptive leadership among members and allied organizations, coalitions and movements that share our commitment to a more just, healthy and resilient world.


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  • Path To Just Society Final: Infographic helps establish common language

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