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PACEs Connection Awarded Hearst Foundations Grant


The Hearst Foundations announced it would award $300,000  to PACEs Connection as a part of the philanthropic organization's effort to support nonprofits working across a range of disciplines.

The award reflects the philanthropic interests of William Randolph Hearst and the Foundations’ goal of providing opportunities to people of all backgrounds.

“We are thrilled to receive this generous support,” said Ingrid Cockhren, CEO of PACEs Connection (PACEs stands for positive and adverse childhood experiences).

“These funds will help us on our mission to raise awareness of the negative health consequences of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and the buffering effects of positive childhood experiences (PCEs).

“Racism, poverty, climate trauma, inequity, injustice, domestic and community violence, environmental racism, and the collective and historical traumas our nation’s people have endured for hundreds of years and are enduring now have major health and economic consequences for all of us,” Cockhren said.

PACEs Connection is a social network that supports communities to accelerate the global PACEs science movement, to recognize the impact of positive and adverse childhood experiences (PACEs) in shaping adult behavior and health, and to promote trauma-informed and resilience-building practices and policies in all communities and institutions — from schools to prisons to hospitals and churches — to help heal and to develop resilience instead of traumatizing already traumatized people. Learn more about us here.

Cockhren encourages fellow readers of PACEs Connection to join her in making tax-deductible donations to PACEs Connection here.

If you'd prefer to mail your gift rather than give it online, here's how...

Make check payable to:
TSNE (Third Sector New England, our fiscal sponsor) and write PACEs Connection Donation on the memo line.

Mail check to:
PACEs Connection, c/o TSNE, 89 South Street, Suite 700, Boston, MA 02111

Making a wire transfer or need Tax ID information?

Please contact Carey Sipp, Director of Strategic Partnerships, at

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This wonderful and money directed well. To best accomplish its mission to serve the traumatized community and they folks who care for it, to build positive experiences in thriving families and communities, to redress societal injustices, PACESCONNECTION can put all the resources we give to good use. Donate now!

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