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New Guidance from Dept of Ed Recommends Urgent Attention To Mental Health


According to a new report from US Department of Education, emergency department visits related to mental health increased 24% for 5–11-year-olds and 31% for 12–17-year-olds between January and October 2020 (Leeb et al., 2020).

The recommendations suggested in the report include:

  • prioritizing wellness in every child, educator and provider
  • enhance mental health literacy
  • reduce stigma about mental disorders
  • implement evidence-based prevention practices
  • establish an Integrated Framework of social, emotional and behavioral health support
Over the course of 15 years, Sharpen has created a comprehensive system to help school districts accomplish all of the recommendations listed above.  Here's one way Sharpen works in a school environment:

Completely customizable for any district and easily accessible for the end user, Sharpen lifts up school communities by supporting their most important resource — their people. Where traditional approaches to mental wellness have been underutilized, Sharpen is proven to be highly effective in engaging educators while also connecting parents and students to the resources they need to thrive inside and outside of the classroom setting.

The Sharpen Advantage

  • Seamless integration of content, community resources, health providers, and validated screeners
  • Engaging, turn-key, award-winning content
  • CBT interventions in between clinical visits

Sharpen Impact

  • Improves user engagement with treatment by over 86% (Anderson et al 2017)
  • Improves educators’ mental health literacy by 90%
  • Decreases mental health stigma by 90%

Sharpen Validation

  • Trusted in 33 districts across 15 states since 2007
  • 900,000+ Educators and Pediatricians informed the development of the Sharpen solution
  • 200+ researchers and scientific experts featured

I recently sat down with national leaders in PBIS and SEL who recommended that districts focus on the emotional and mental health of educators.

“We really need to prioritize adult wellness.  We need to focus on the adults so they have the bandwidth to be able to take care and nurture the students who also struggling.  We’re all in this together.”

~Susan Barrett,

We are offering a free emotional wellness toolkit for educators. Sign up to receive the toolkit here: and you will receive weekly SEL, mental health literacy and mindfulness based stress reduction content that can be shared with educators in your district.

If you'd like to customize or learn more, please email me at

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