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Mental Health apps and online concerns



Sharing this for anyone who might not be aware.

Top Mental Health and Prayer Apps Fail Spectacularly at Privacy, Security.  May 2, 2022, Mozilla.  Two notes about the guide linked in it (based on a quick review):

  • It’s a little confusing and takes reading through.
  • It appears to be being ongoingly updated, e.g., Sesame Street was updated June 9th, after updating their privacy policy and addressing Mozilla’s security concerns. (Going back to the prior note, while they updated the narrative part with that info, they didn’t update their rating.)

How to protect your privacy while using mental health apps. July 18,2022 NPR. 

Clinical Social Work Association: LEGISLATIVE ALERT - CareDash, BetterHelp and LCSWs - 7-30-22.  https://www.clinicalsocialwork...DAawM9vKOxRZyA9PM60I    “CSWA would like to call to your attention a duplicitous practice which a company called CareDash is engaging in. CareDash has partnered with BetterHelp to drive potential patients to CareDash or BetterHelp affiliated therapists. It has gathered information about thousands of LCSWs and other clinicians to direct them to CareDash or BetterHelp affiliated clinicians without the permission of the non-affiliated LCSWs listed.    If the LCSW is not affiliated with BetterHelp, CareDash will say that there is no way to connect with them through CareDash, without directing them to the website of the LCSW, or noting that this is an active licensed clinical social worker. CareDash receives a commission for all patients referred to BetterHelp.     CareDash also has its own list of LCSWs which they will only use for referrals if an LSCW affiliates with them. These practices could significantly reduce the ability of patients in gaining access to LCSWs who are not connected to CareDash or BetterHelp. Please note that if you are not on the CareDash list, patients will be directed to BetterHelp. CareDash at this point refuses to take anyone off their list who is not officially connected with them or BetterHelp.    There is little doubt that the CareDash list has been compiled from public lists such as NPI, insurers, and others, then made to look as if the LCSWs listed are not being artificially limited by CareDash.”

And to note, I’ve had on my list since July 20ish? (I know it was after I saw the NPR article, which wasn’t the day it came out) that I need to have language for where and when I share about apps, whether on my webpage, in materials, or during trainings.  However, I have been/am recovering from Covid, so doing what I can as I can.  That said, as I am not an attorney, I did reach out to some agencies, organizations, and individuals yesterday to try and get that language. If anyone gets back with me or I obtain language another way, I’ll let you know.  And if anyone else has language, I'd obviously appreciate knowing when you share.

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