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Letter of Commitment -- Walla Walla, WA

Letter of Commitment

June 2017

Children’s Resilience Initiative

I commit to implementing trauma-informed practices!

  • I ask, “What has this person experienced” rather than “what is wrong with this person?”
  • I commit to creating a safe environment physically and emotionally for myself and others.
  • I commit to fostering connection through relationship in all my actions.
  • The safe environment I create invites opportunities for learning.
  • I learn to recognize, validate and own my experiences and my self-regulation.

“With this information comes the responsibility to use it.” With my signature, I/we…

  • commit to a sustainable community of practice with CRI, using these principles;
  • will become CRI trained and certified (builds on goal #1: create a community conversant in ACEs and Resilience);
  • will expand my organization’s capacity to build an internal core team that is the lead for my organization (builds on goal #2: embed the principles into practice);
  • will take an active, participatory role in CRI’s efforts to build community capacity (builds on why I am a CRI Partner);


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