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Introducing Lincoln Staff and a Former Student, Hosts of 2019 BPT Conference Screenings of Paper Tigers and Resilience


 On June 26th during the Beyond Paper Tigers 2019 Conference, CRI will be screening two documentary films by KPJR and directed by Jamie Redford- Paper Tigers, and Resilience: Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope. We are excited and fortunate to be joined by Dianna Cardenas, Shelly Phipps, Jayne Eacker, and Erica (Riki) Wauchek- a former student of Lincoln High School and current staff.

Shelly Phipps, Intervention Specialist, and Dianna Cardenas, Lincoln graduate of 2014 will open the screening of Paper Tigers. Not only will Shelly and Dianna introduce the film, but they are shown in it; Shelly adopted Dianna as a foster child, and the film follows them throughout that placement and as they live together. “I’ve known [Dianna] since she’s 15 and it’s been really fun to watch her grown and see her flourish, and to be there to support her,” Shelly remarks.

Jayne Eacker comments, “the most important thing for kids is [to have a] relationship with a positive role model- that’s what the research and these documentaries really show. Kids don’t always have someone who is a good role model. That’s what we do at Lincoln. We create relationships that are ongoing, and we try to be that for those kids.” Jayne, another staff of Lincoln, is a National Board Certified Teacher in Art for adolescent and young adults, a CTE certified instructor and currently in a master’s program that focuses on trauma and resilience in educational settings. She and Erica (Riki) Wauchek will introduce the film Resilience.

Riki has taught at Lincoln for 13 years, and is passionate about bringing arts and theatre to students who may not otherwise have the opportunity. “We never had a theatre program here. Since [joining Lincoln staff,] I’ve managed to put on major productions. The resilience I see coming out of that part of expression is just amazing.” Students who were reserved, isolated, have flourished in their expression thanks to Riki’s integration of drama and resilience. She has a Masters Degree in Special Education and is an English/Drama teacher, Senior Adviser, master scheduler and produces a major play or musical every year using theater and the arts to build resilience. 

Jayne and Riki are both deeply committed to the ongoing practice of building resilience and life skills as they work with students. They will share thoughts on the path Lincoln High School has experienced, post- Paper Tigers.

Ultimately, staff are passionate about helping kids see the futures that are possible. Shelly emphasizes, “I want people [who see these films] to know- kids who seem broken beyond repair really are not. We are able to help them see their future and become resilient, so that they can go on to live a healthier life.”



We are fortunate to have current staff from Lincoln High School and a former student join us for the screenings on Wednesday June 26, at 5pm. They will be offered concurrently.

 The 2019 Beyond Paper Tigers Trauma-Informed Care Conference on June 26 & 27, 2019 will revolve around the theme, “Building Resilience Across the Life Span,” with Pre-Conference Trainings, Social/Networking event, and film screenings beginning on Tuesday June 25, 2019. The conference will be held at the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco, WA. Click here for session information, or to purchase tickets.



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