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Healing Happens When...


We believe, 
In the possibilities 
That we are capable 
We are in control

We find,
A safe space 
An enlightened witness
A loving God

We accept, 
That we matter 
We are here for a reason
Our life has meaning

We choose, 
To let go of our pain 
To accept the challenge 
To become proactive

We allow, 
Time to work its magic 
People to lift us 
The little moments of joy to fill our life

Healing is an enlightening pilgrimage 
From darkness into light 
We are the heroes of our journey 
Transformed, by the alchemy of faith, suffering, and resilience

Yes, healing is magical 
A wonderful miracle

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Thank you, Jessie. Just checked your facebook page, it's inspiring. Music has played a vital role in my healing. I find the idea of meditation painful. Just trying to control one's thoughts and all is impossible. But with music and art, our minds are lifted into the lands of the gods. It's blissful, it's healing.


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